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All Awakened Quirks in My Hero Academia

Quirks are the superpowers that people in the world of My Hero Academia possess. While most quirks are relatively weak, there are a few that are incredibly powerful. And then there are awakened quirks, which are even more powerful than regular quirks.

In this Blog, we will discuss the five awakened quirks that have been revealed so far in My Hero Academia. We will also explore what makes these quirks so special

Quirks are considered superpowers for the people in the world of My Hero Academia. While most quirks are weak, some are incredibly powerful. There are also awakened quirks that become even more powerful than normal quirks.

Here, we shall talk about the five awakened quirks unveiled in My Hero Academia, so far. To this end, we will analyze what makes these quirks quarks in the first place and what their potential implications are on heroes and villains.

1. One For All

One For All, Deku’s quirk activated during the encounter with Overhaul. This awareness granted him with a new power called Black Whips, enabling him to bring forth black energy tendrils from his arms. Deku’s quirk is a work in progress and he is expected to acquire even more abilities as time progresses.

2. Decay

After regaining the repressed memories of his childhood, Shigaraki awakened his Decay quirk. The awakening allowed him to spread the decay to the entirety of his connections to what he is touching. Shigaraki’s awakened decay is very potent, and he can destroy the hardest objects easily.

3. Uravity

Ochako’s quirk awakens when she encounters Toga. The awakening enabled her to manipulate the gravity of objects and persons she touches. Ochako’s awakened Uravity is very versatile, enabling her to fly, generate strong shockwaves, and teleport.

4. Transform

However, she was almost murdered by Ochako, which activated Toga’s Transform quirk. This woke her up and hence she could turn into anyone whose blood she has drunk. Toga’s awakened Transform is very dangerous, because she can imitate a person of her choice.

5. Ice Manipulation

Geten’s Ice Manipulation quirk

It was during the battle against Endeavor that Geten’s Ice Manipulation quirk awakened. He was now able to control the ice on the whole huge scale. Geten’s Ice Manipulation wakes up to an incredible power with him forming glaciers, blizzards, and even ice clones of himself.


It is interesting to know that the quirk awakenings are rare and usually brought about by extreme emotional or physical stress. It is unclear how many Quirks can be awakened and the limits of an awakened quirk. Nevertheless, there can be no doubt that Quirks awaken one of the most powerful quirks in the world.

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  • 8 October 2023

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