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New Arc in Boku no Hero Begins, All Might Death Flag!

Hey friend’s, What’s up everybody are fine it’s My anime Thoughts here today i will be talking about the latest events in the Boku no Hero Academia manga including new revelations about the secret intel stain game all might intel that could be even more important than we imagined there was also a potentially massive death flag for a major character in the story and a brand new arc is about to begin.

Let’s get into it you guys know the drill Boku no Hero Academia manga spoilers so please proceed with caution you have been warned the latest chapter starts off with a lighthearted comedic scene as the class 1a boys literally carry deku into the showers strip him naked wash him and throw him into a hot bath the way this scene is handled is honestly kind of refreshing since the series has been much darker lately and this is an uncharacteristically lighthearted and quirky moment in the story both in terms of what’s happening and in terms of how it’s actually drawn i mean i guess this makes sense since we all know that deku is exhausted bruised and bloodied sweaty ragged and so on but since we’ve just been reading the manga we don’t have to think about how deku actually smells after fighting villains for like a bunch of days straight without a break but his classmates do have to deal with the smell so a forced shower and bath ends up being the best solution the one important moment during this bath scene is bakugo telling deku and the other class 1a boys that he still intends to become the number one hero and they are still his rivals that of course includes deku well bakugo starts to say deku but then he changes it to Izuku which is of course very symbolic it symbolizes Bakugo’s development as a character and the development of the friendship between bakugo and Deku that said deku doesn’t really mind being called deku and i totally agree with him there i know the nickname deku was initially intended to be an insult but deku embraced it and owned it so well that it’s no longer an insult at all i mean deku even uses the nickname as his hero name so at this point the word has lost all negative connotations in my mind.

I also think deku feels the same way once the class 1a students are all cleaned up they gather in the common room where deku thanks them and apologizes for all the trouble that he has caused them several of the classmates asked deku openly about one for all and honestly that makes sense they’re all working together now and it’s better for them to know as much about deku’s quirk as possible so that they can be as effective as possible in battle there is no need for deku to keep the properties of one for all a secret from class 1a any longer in fact if he continues to keep it a secret it could actually hinder their abilities to win future battles as a team as the conversation between the classmates continues deku says that there is one thing that is really bothering him and that is how he treated all might back when they last met as you’ll recall deku told all might that he doesn’t need him anymore and he left Almight behind in order to continue fighting the villains on his own worst of all he threw away that bento box that all might had so carefully and lovingly prepared for his son deku but just as deku is saying all of this Shoto points out that all might is actually right there he’s creepily looking into the window from the outside Almight then runs in and says that he is also sorry sorry that he couldn’t have been of any help to Deku i haven’t really stopped to think about this all that much but it has to be insanely hard for all might to be in the state that he is currently in he is virtually helpless to contribute to the fight against the villains and he is severely limited in his ability to help deku and the others all might spent most of his life being the strongest hero and having the power to help everyone even in the most dire and difficult situations and yet after he lost the ability to use one for all he became the exact opposite of what he once was that is quite an adjustment for someone to have to come to terms with and this can’t be easy for all might that is especially the case when it comes to deku the boy who inherited all might quirk.

Whom all might mentored for so long i mean he even made a promise to deku’s mother that he would protect deku so not being able to do that is a very hard pill for Almight to swallow naturally deku doesn’t think that his mentor has to apologize for anything and all might then goes on to reveal that he has come across some important new information and he is referring to the notes that stain had left him back in the previous chapter all might recognizes that he can’t do much on the battlefield in his current state but he vows to keep fighting the villains even if he has to crawl across the battlefield to do it he is willing to take any risk in order to nurture the heroic flame burning in the hearts of the class 1a students and not gonna lie this kind of feels like a death flag despite being extremely frail in his current form all might is vowing to fight even if he has to crawl on the battlefield don’t get me wrong i respect his courage and commitment but it would take the new shigaraki exactly half a second to absolutely murder all might in his current state unfortunately i can totally see this weakened all might sacrificing his life to save deku and the others at some point in the future possibly during the last major battle of the entire series i mean all might might survive the end of MHA but if mentor characters in other anime are any indication Almight’s death is a serious possibility anyway deku finally admits that throwing away the bento box was wrong and he acknowledges that the reason he almost died was because he left Almight side and tried to do everything on his own as the students agree to protect everyone together Almight smiles and heads off to meet up with Endeavor also Tokoyami is totally butthurt that his senpai hawks hasn’t been in touch with him and so he asks Almight to tell senpai to notice him the reason why endeavor and hawks haven’t been at U.A. is the fact that much of the public has lost trust in them as a result of Dabi’s big revelations Shoto vows to take responsibility for resolving the whole Dabi situation.

And Jiro has the brilliant idea to bring back the band from the cultural festival in order to help the evacuees at the U.A. shelter chill out and relax a bit the entire class vows to go beyond and push through this difficult time together and although i personally have no interest in seeing another cultural festival type arc i’m totally cool with it if it happens off screen while we focus on staying or maybe the villains i know that a lot of people really liked the cultural festival arc and that’s cool but that’s definitely not the kind of stuff i look for in a great M.H.A. arc we then see a conversation between hawks and genius in which hawks explains that according to the intel that they were able to gather from ujico they still have about a month’s time to make the first move before shigaraki’s procedure is completed however Endeavor seems to believe that the one month timeline is not accurate after seeing the intel provided by stain stains notes apparently contained the records of the guards at Tartarus .

Although we aren’t told what exactly the records stated it is implied that this new information was significant and that it potentially changes the timeline they had for shigaraki’s full recovery the chapter ends with Endeavor contemplating why a villain like the hero killer stain someone he calls all mites fanatic would actually be helping the hero but i feel like if you know anything about stain and his ideology and how committed he is to that ideology you’d know that he was always going to pick the side of the true selfless heroes over the villains aside from this though i am extremely interested in that note what do the records of the Tartarus guard say and how exactly does this affect the timeline of shigaraki’s recovery could it be that someone at Tartarus was actually a traitor and that they had been working with the villains is this what stains notes prove if so that would be a massive revelation and it could also finally shed some light into the now infamous U.A. traitor plot point if there is a traitor at Tartarus is he or she connected to the potential traitor at U.A. from this chapter it is clear that stains intel is very important and that it is going to have a major effect on the story the only question now is what exactly the intel says and how it is going to impact the actions of the heroes i’m getting more and more curious about this intel with each passing week so i hope we get some new info soon i’m also pretty curious to explore the inner conflict that villains like spinner and toga might feel when they realize that their idol stain is now actively fighting for the heroes and against the villains don’t forget that these guys first joined the league of villains because they were inspired by staying so even though they are now loyal to the league and they feel like the other league members are their comrades it will be very interesting to see their loyalties tested once they are faced with this new villain killer stain all in all.

I think that this chapter serves as the perfect setup for a brand new arc an arc that will probably follow the villains for a bit before the plot once again converges on the U.A. which i think is the most likely candidate for the final showdown in the story.

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  • 27 September 2021

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