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Studio Ghibli – Co-founder comments on selling the studio

Toshio Suzuki , co-founder and current president of Studio Ghibli , commented in a recent interview about the company’s acquisition process by Nippon TV .

The negotiation, confirmed on September 21st, was an important step for the studio’s future, as its two still-living founders, Suzuki and Hayao Miyazaki , are already over 75 years old, and were looking for new leadership to take over the company. .

In an interview with Liberation , the executive spoke a little about the studio’s sales process. Check out what Toshio Suzuki stated below:

“We were unable to speak to anyone about this share sale until the agreement was signed and made official, which was painful. Only three people in the studio knew about it. If the information got out, it was all over,” Suzuki explained.

“But Miyazaki’s freedom to continue is one of the conditions of the agreement. And that freedom applies not just to Hayao Miyazaki’s films, but to everything Studio Ghibli does. Nippon TV accepted everything.”

“Miyazaki and I are in good health and Nippon TV is not coming to tell us anything. The problem will become more acute when we are no longer around. What will happen then, I don’t know. It depends on those who will be there at the time to think about this.”

Studio Ghibli ‘s latest film   is  The Boy and the Heron  , directed by  Hayao Miyazaki .

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  • 3 October 2023

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