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Asta & Ryuzen VS Underworld Dragon | Ryuya’s True Power | Black Clover Chapter 352

Black Clover Chapter 352 began when Ryudo told Ryuya Asta to go all out on the next attack while his Ryuzen Seven primed him for one last attack.

Ryuya reveals what’s beneath this eye when he removes his eye patch the tengentsu is shown and its design is inspired by the usual memes of Black Clover’ copied by Naruto for the 900th time as someone who’s built two channels talking about Naruto I’m saying the hate for the tengentsu design is absolutely overblown here and the hate that we’re seeing it is not warranted Japanese man writing a Japanese manga inspired by things in Japanese culture who would have thought that that would have been a thing the Sharingan design with the Maga Thomas and the Mangekyō designs aren’t something that Musashi Kishimoto magically created himself taking inspiration from the same Source mixing and meshing ideas and adding your own twist onto it isn’t something that just started here with Naruto over Black Clover key parts of Naruto’s second half of the story

Ryuya realized that since the five-headed dragon can regenerate after being damaged, the beast’s five heads had to be cut off at the same time as Asta’s Anti-Magic Tests. So he took off his blindfold to reveal his Tenegentsu, with which he could see everything that was happening in the present.

Fujio to use his healthy yojutsu to restore

At this moment, Ryuya ordered Fujio to use his healthy yojutsu to restore all of the Seven Ryuzen’s minds and bodies and asked the other members to take care of the five-headed dragon. He asked Jozo, Yosuga, Daizaemon, Komari, and Kezokaku to attack the five-headed dragon so they would all be there for each other.

However, Jozo had taken a lot of damage and was therefore unable to carry out his part of the plan. When he was about to be swallowed by one of the five dragon heads, Ichika came to his rescue. He used Zetten to keep his head above them while encouraging Asta to deliver the final punch.

Asta sliced off the dragon's heads similar to what takes place

Asta sliced off the dragon’s heads similar to what takes place in the formation and in order to help us to bring down the five-headed dragon this leads to also cutting off all five heads of the dragon all at once and Ryuya gives him a huge heap of Praise in the process how the myth had stated, following which Ryuya appreciated Asta and the Ryuzen Seven’s efforts for a job well done.

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  • 4 March 2023

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