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Asta’s Newest Future Wife and Final Training Arc | Black Clover Chapter 353

Black Clover Chapter 353 is titled “Party at the Peak” and the chapter continues as the skies clear up thanks to Asta’s saving from the five-headed dragon. The people of the nation are cheerful about the clear skies and Ryu even remarks that he wants the people of the nation to have clear skies and also thanks Asta for that.

Party at the Peak

Asta notes that one of the Paladins is an old enemy who should have been dead, but Lucius’ powers brought him back to life. Ryu also notes that Lucius’ power is capable of this, but thanks to Sister Lily’s information, Lucius’ power is not perfect, and when it is, he can bring Grandmasters from the dead under his control.

Asta asks if there really is no way to return to the Shamrock Kingdom now, and Ryu says yes. However, his friends are on their way to get it and will have to wait until then. As ta is confident that his friend can find him and then prepare for battle. However, Ryu remarks that the celebration is fine.

Thus in the Black Clover chapter 353 the land of the sun celebrates the defeat of the five-headed dragon, and the whole nation is dedicated to him. One of the villagers said that the dragon’s scales are very strong, it can be sold for a high price, and its flesh is edible if cooked with the right ingredients.

While talking to Ichika, Ryu says that he hopes Asta will be remembered across the country as he was at the event. Ichika remembers that she was the one who wiped out her clan and tells Ryu, but he says nothing.

Asta drinks alcohol for the first time

Asta drinks alcohol for the first time and enthusiastically expresses how he is feeling. Ichika approaches a drunk Asta, offers to pour him a drink, and apologizes for how he was, but the drunk Asta doesn’t care and even says nonsense, forcing Ichika to leave.

After drinking and partying with the seven members of Ryuzen, Asta feels terrible and Daezomon suggests taking a thermal bath to sober up. Asta falls into a hot spring and jumps in, not realizing that Ichika is already there.

Afraid to see her, he quickly recovers and runs out of the inn, thinking that she will kill him when Daezomon notices that today it is the women’s turn to bathe. The next morning, Asta wakes up ready for practice and is greeted by Ichika, who apologizes for last night.

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  • 6 March 2023

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