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Auction of rare anime items breaks revenue record

The auction house Heritage announced the results of the auction The Art of Anime and Everything Cool completed last weekend.

The auction of rare anime items set a sales record for the company, raising more than US$3.1 million (around R$15.7 million).

“The auction yielded $3,148,639 surpassing the record set in September, with several lots exceeding current estimates. More than 5,000 bidders competed for slices of history online, over the phone and in person – by far the largest turnout to date.”declared Heritage.

An item from the production of Episode 237 of Dragon Ball Z highlighting the scene of Vegeta’s sacrifice in the fight against Majin Buureceived the highest bid, having been sold for US$ 144 thousand (around 718 thousand reais).

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  • 25 October 2023

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