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Black Clover Chapter 336 | Asta’s Father

So at the beginning of the Black Clover Chapter 336, All the nobles come to know that the Wizard King is their enemy but they do not believe but they have to believe because lots of the people who saw the Wizard King destruction. Then we are shown the Magic Knight Hall where all the Magic Knight Captains are available as well as Yuno. Noelle, Mimosa and Naraw telling everyone the truth they saw together there and Asta’s death.

Black Clover Chapter 336 | Asta's Father

As it is further told that Nozel and the Frigoliian agree that Asta is dead, Reel further explains that he does not believe that Julius can do this and Asta is dead, at the same time Captain Yami Asks by Nacht whether he is able to feel his shadow or not, Nacht answering the same, Nacht says to everyone whose face he sees once can go into his shadow but he this time not able to feel Asta shadow, then he tells that maybe he is somewhere far away or in some other dimension or he is dead, It is not sure what and how it happened, it is shown further in the story, Jack says that it may happen that he too may be under someone’s control i.e. Julius, as happened in Elf Saga, he will also have two souls in him. A bad one and a good one too. Right now no one is sure what is happening.

Everyone is thinking here that who is their real enemy is Lucius or Julius is not confirmed to anyone yet but in the same Yuno tells that when he feel demonic disruption he went to check from there then he saw a Supreme Devil same like last fight fights who was watching there from the side line , May be Lucius sent him there to distract us so that he can do something here, Then frigolian speaks, he is very powerful, he also has time magic and soul magic as well, so it will be a little difficult to fight with him and also he can make others like Sister Lily by giving them devils and also change their souls to make like Paladins. And says that after 7 days that day is to come Judgment Day.

At the same time, Yuno remembers his old days that Aastha said that you are a grand magic knight, I am very happy for you, this is what he is thinking and says that Yuno’s always you were ahead of me Pasta But here if you are really dead then I will show you to be stronger than me so that I can defeat him and this is where the fast change happens and we are shown Lucius who is welcoming Adrammelech.

Adrammelech a Supreme devil

Adrammelech telling that Yuno has become very powerful, he easily defeated all the high-ranking devils in seconds, So Lucius says he special, one of the ten thousand predictions he saw future where Yuno has upper hand, a unique being with 2 grimoires. A Four leaf and Spade Kingdom grimoire, Elven chief ‘s son, chosen by Sylph and Heir to the Spade Kingdom, Yuno Grinberryall.

Lucius says Yuno you have to die for the peace of this world and on other side Yuno also saying I will  be a Wizard King  and beat you soon. And at the end of this chapter we are shown Asta lying unconscious in the middle of sea beach and next moment we are shown an unknown person who stands in front of Asta and he says you were here and the chapter finished.

next moment we are shown an unknown person

So  far or still who was the person and why was it shown, theory is that person is Asta’s father or this is the place from where Yami came may be it japan see you soon in next chapter guys.

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  • 2 September 2022

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