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Black Clover: Every Devil and Their Powers Explained!

Hey What is up everybody it’s Mr. Rex, We know so far about every

notable devil

in the black clover story from Zagred
the main villain of The Elves saga to Asta’s own

devil bro and of course the overpowered

devil villains of the spade kingdom war


we’re gonna be talking about all of them

right here

the devils are some of the strongest and

most fascinating beings in the entire

world of black clover.


 Let’s start it off

with Zagred
the main villain of the Elves saga and the

first devil that we meet

in the proper sense of the word i mean

we’ve technically known Asta’s devil


but we didn’t get to see his true form

and we didn’t really learn anything

about him until much later in the story

Zagred is a male devil who has been

alive for over 500 years

and who is known as being one of the

highest ranking devils in the devil


this means that he is incredibly

powerful and has an impressive amount of

mana even by the standards of the


Zagred was of course the mastermind

behind the Elves  massacre and he is secretly responsible

for pretty much all the terrible things

that happened

during the Elves saga right before the Elves


Zagred possessed one of the clover

kingdom’s royal ministers

and he manipulated the humans of the

clover kingdom and convinced them to

betray the elves and attack them during


and Tetia’s wedding ceremony nearly the

entire Elves tribe was wiped out

Tetia was seriously injured and leaked

descended into despair

which turned his grimoire into a

five-leaf grimoire

Zagred then attempted to take possession

of leak’s powerful mana rich body

but leaked refused to let that happen

with the help of the magic stones

he transformed himself into the giant


which effectively stopped Zagred from

being able to possess him

Zagred then tried to take possession of

leaked five-leaf grimoire but secret was

able to use her sealing magic

and the magic stones to seal Zagred away

in an eternal prison

however before the seal could be

completed Zagred managed to summon the

magic stones

and he then used them to ensure that the

souls of the massacred elves will be

reincarnated in the future

along with him this reincarnation occurs

some five centuries later

and Zagred eventually manipulates poetry

and the other reincarnated elves into

opening the shadow palace

zagret is then able to summon his

original body from the underworld

and this sets the stage for the final

epic battle

of the Elves saga Zagred uses Kotodamamagic which is a type of magic that

allows him to alter

physical reality with his words he can

summon monsters

swords and all sorts of other magical

and non-magical weapons by just

mentioning them verbally

and he can also manipulate a wide

variety of objects and living beings

at will most magic from the human world

has little to no effect on Zagred
the only exceptions are Yami’s dark


and Asta’s anti-magic.


Zagred is eventually defeated by a Massive Team

is eventually defeated by a massive team

effort that includes not only Asta and Yami

but a bunch of other overpowered

warriors including the first wizard king

and leaked that was truly an epic

showdown and one of my personal favorite

Shonen fights of

all time okay now.

Asta’s devil Liebe 

 Let’s talk about Asta’s devil

Liebe who also turned out to be Asta’s

adoptive brother

Liebe was born inside the underworld as

one of the lowest

ranked devils in fact when he was born

he had

no magic at all which is an extremely


occurrence because of his weakness and

lack of magic

Liebe was constantly abused and bullied

by the other devils

and one day he was thrown into the gate

that separates the underworld from the

human world

the devil who threw Liebe was expecting

him to smash

into the gate and die but instead Liebe passed through the gate and ended up

in the human world it seems that the

gate was designed to stop

any being with magic from passing

through it

but because Liebe had no magic he was

able to pass

through after everything that he had

been through Liebe had no desire to

attack humans or to try to manipulate

them in any way

but because he is a devil and of course

he looks like a devil

the humans who came across him were

scared of him they assumed that because

he is a devil he must be evil and


and so they summoned the magic knights

to get rid of him

Liebe is forced to run from the magic

knights and he eventually collapses

somewhere deep in the woods but instead

of being killed by the humans

as he was fully expecting Liebe wakes up

to find that he has been taken in

by a human woman named Richita and this

woman has been taking care of him and

nursing him back to health Richita eventually decides to adopt

Liebe and to raise him as her

own son it turns out that Richita  is

also an outcast from society

just like Liebe her body steals magic

and life force from everything around

her including all

living creatures she doesn’t seem to

have the power to turn this

ability off so she is shunned by society

since no one wants to have their life

force or magic drained

however since Liebe has no magic and

since he is a devil rather than a human

he is able to live with Richita  without

suffering any negative consequences

as time passes Richita and Liebe become


mother and son it is truly a

heartwarming relationship

and we eventually learned that Richita   was forced to give up

one child in the past presumably to

protect the child from being negatively

affected by her

magic and as it turns out that

child was none other than Asta

himself so Liebe Asta’s devil

was actually raised by Asta’s own birth


everything is going great until one day


one of the highest ranked devils

discovers that Liebe

is able to live inside the human world

without a human

host lucifer then attempts to take over Liebe’s body

but Richita   loves Liebe as her own son

so when lucifer tries to possess him

she sacrifices herself in order to save


Richita  fights back against lucifer and

she manages to force him

out of Liebe’s body by using her magic

to absorb a portion

of lucifer’s mana unfortunately before

lucifer disappears

he manages to give Richita  a fatal


believing that her time is running out

Richita uses her

other ability which is the ability to

seal anything without magic

inside an inanimate object to seal Liebe 

inside a five-leaf grimoire that she had

found at some point

in the past and that grimoire is of

course leaked

former grimoire that is how Liebe ended


inside that five-leaf grimoire where he

was safe

from future attacks by lucifer and as he

spent many years

inside the grimoire Liebe grew older

and stronger and he also spent pretty

much all of his time

plotting revenge against lucifer and the

other devils for destroying his life and

killing his mother

at some point while inside the grimoire

Liebe’s anti-magic abilities began to


this might have been a latent ability

that he was always going to manifest

or it might have been the result of

Richita  absorption magic

or some combination of the two for


maybe Richita  accidentally sealed away

some of her own absorption magic

and maybe even some of lucifer’s magic

along with Liebe 
inside the grimoire and then the


of absorption magic and lucifer’s devil

magic inside the grimoire

eventually created what we know today as

anti-magic after the five-leaf grimoire

chooses Asta as its new owner Liebe initial

plan was to take over Asta’s body and

just use Asta as a tool to get his revenge but

eventually Asta and Liebe decide to work together

because Liebe realizes that Asta is not his rival he is actually his

long-lost adoptive brother and the two

of them share a common enemy

lucifer and speaking of lucifer.

Lucifero with a human host by the name of Dante Zogratis


talk about him

next because he plays such a prominent

role in the entire spade kingdom war arc

Lucifero, also known as Lucifero is one of

the highest ranking devils who resides

at the very lowest level of the


and therefore at the bottom of the Tree of Qliphoth  at some point in the past lucifer made a

contract with a human host by the name

of Dante Zogratis who is of course one of the

members of the dark

triad all three Zogratis siblings are

devil magic users

and they used their magic powers to

overthrow the ruling house of the spade


and take control for themselves lucifer

uses immensely powerful gravity magic

which as the name suggests allows its

user to manipulate gravity

in various ways in chapter 286 it is

stated that the underworld is actually

ruled by three devils

one has time magic one has spatial magic

and one has gravity magic which suggests

that lucifer

is likely one of the three rulers of the


and since i just mentioned spatial magic.


Zenon’s devil now we still don’t know this devil’s name

Let’s talk about Zenon’s devil

now we still don’t know this devil’s

name but we know that its magic allows

it to manipulate the fabric

of space itself Zenon’s devil

is one of the highest ranking devils so

he could be one of the three rulers of

the underworld

based on the information we got in

chapter 286

about one of them having spatial magic

Zenon’s devil makes its host incredibly


and xenon has demonstrated his strength

over and over again

including in his fight against the

entire diamond kingdom army

in his fight against William Vangeance and

the golden dawn

and in his ability to rescue Dante and

kidnap Yami at the same time

using his devil’s spatial magic.


Vanica’s devil Megicula 


third devil associated with the dark


is Vanica’s devil Megicula also appears to be one of the highest

ranking devils and this devil possesses

tremendously powerful curse magic this

suggests that Megicula
is not one of the three rulers of the

underworld because she doesn’t have any

of the three magical attributes that the

rulers of the underworld

are said to have that said Megicula has

been around for a long time

and all curse magic in the human world

is said to have come

from her in the past she apparently made

a pact with members of the Agrippa Family and she also personally cursed Noelle’s mother Acier Silva and Princess Lolopechka.

 Megicula’s curse magic is so powerful

that it can take down

arcane stage mages and it can even have

an effect on

elemental spirits Megicula is said to be

considerably stronger than Zagred
and to be fair her gender is not

actually known at this time

i usually refer to her as she because i

associate her with Vanica that said the devils do appear to

have genders

since a couple of devils that we’ve met

possess distinctly feminine features

like breasts and one of these devils is



Nahamah and  Lilith

Let’s talk about her Nahamah and  Lilith
and the ma

appear to be twins and they are both

released into the human world from the

top level

of the Tree of Qliphoth, Lilith

devil ice magic and  Nahamah.[possesses

devil fire magic but these are not

normal forms of fire and ice magic


they are special and overpowered devil


of these magic attributes and this means

that they are able to freeze

and burn everything not only can they

burn and freeze physical

matter but they can also burn and freeze

things without a physical substance

such as light shadows and darkness.

Nahamah and  Lilith

 Lilith and Nahamah both appear to be

complete psychos who love

toying with weaker creatures including


they entertain themselves by

overpowering and tormenting

other life forms there is a fan theory

out there somewhere that one of these

two devils

was the devil who threw Liebe up into

the human world

alright now 

The four different devils who made a contract with Nacht

Let’s talk about the four

different devils who made a contract

with Nacht the vice captain of the black

bulls all four of these devils are

mid-ranked devils

which means that they are not among the

weakest devils but they are also nowhere

near the highest ranked devils when it

comes to power

as the heir to the Noble Faust family

which had been secretly studying devils

and forbidden magic for generations

Nacht was able to gain access to these

four devils

at a very young age and due to his

exceptional talent for devil magic

he was able to make contracts with all

four of them

each devil has a Chibi form as a devil


and a larger form.



Which is based on an

animal first up we have Gimodelo, whose appearance is based on a dog and

whose unite mode with knocked is called

Canis when in conus mode Nacht can use

an ability called




Which allows him to basically

generate a bunch of shadow

clones then we have Slotos whose

appearance is based on a horse

and whose unite mode with knocked is

called Equus

this mode functions like a powerful

shadow armor that makes

knocked a lot tougher and more resilient


it is an excellent defensive technique.



Next up we have Plumede

whose appearance is based on a cat and

whose unite mode with knocked is called Felis this mode allows Nacht to use

incredible speed and agility to run


around his opponents.


Finally we have

whose appearance is based on a rooster

and whose unite mode with knocked is

called Galus this mode allows Nacht to unleash a

loud cry that has the power to paralyze

his opponents

it is important to note that these devil

unite forms may still have

other abilities and techniques that we

just haven’t seen yet

it is also important to note that Nacht has the ability to unite with more than

one of his devils

at the same time in chapter 287

Nacht is able to unite with both Plumede

and Walgner to create a special devil

union form called

galos x feliz at first Nacht believes

that uniting with two

mid-ranked devils will make him strong

enough to rival a

highest ranked devil but unfortunately

for knocked

this does not turn out to be the case.


The final devil that we need to talk

about here is

Lucifugus is one of the

highest ranked devils

and Nacht actually tried to summon him

back when he was younger

in an attempt to make him the fifth

devil that he could make a contract

with the Faust family orchestrated an

elaborate secret ritual

in order to summon Lucifugus but

this devil was so strong that he ended

up killing everyone inside the building

except for knocked himself in fact

Nacht’s twin brother. Morgan sacrificed

his own life

in order to stop the ritual and save


in chapter 286 of the manga it is

implied that Lucifugus

serves directly under the three rulers

of the underworld

so he is presumably not one of those


his magic attribute and other details

are still unknown

as of the making of this video

and that is it every notable devil in

black clover

explained there are of course many other

less significant

low tier and mid-tier devils that we met

during the spade kingdom war arc

basically nameless devil Nacht but we know so little about them that it

really doesn’t make sense to mention

them specifically

let me know what you guys think about

the devils in black clover

and who is your favorite devil so far

also who is this devil who uses time


and will anybody be able to stop a

highest ranked

devil with the power to control time

definitely share your thoughts down in

the comments below 

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