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Blue Box could get an anime soon

Apparently, another work by Weekly Shonen Jump will get an anime adaptation. According to Manga Mogure REa domain was registered for the anime Blue Box. The interesting thing is that no announcements have been made recently, nothing has been said about what is being done.

What is Blue Box?

Blue Box (Ao no Hako) is a Japanese romantic sports comedy that is illustrated and written by Kōji Miura. It has been serialized by Weekly Shonen Jump since April 2021.


Taiki Inomata loves badminton, but has a long way to go before she can reach national level. When Taiki sees the veteran Chinatsu Kano practicing intensely on the women’s basketball team, he falls madly in love with her. After an unexpected turn of events that brings them closer together, sport may not be the priority!

Taiki admires Chinatsu from afar, but doubts she sees him the same way. Yet somehow he gets the courage to tell her to never give up on her dreams! After such a bold declaration, will Taiki’s fleeting high school romance finally begin?

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  • 16 October 2023

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