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Boruto Chapter 81: New Power and Intriguing Developments and Insane Timeskip Changes Everything

latest chapter 81 of "Boruto,"

In the latest chapter 81 of “Boruto,” fans are treated to an array of exciting revelations and impactful moments. Chapter 81 marks a significant turning point as it ushers in the long-awaited time skip and introduces a new title for the series. As the era of Naruto comes to an end, a new generation takes center stage, and the narrative takes intriguing turns. This article delves deep into the latest chapter, discussing the power shifts, symbolic elements, character dynamics, and the upcoming plot twists.

The New Power and Title:

Boruto Chapter 81

Chapter 81 commences with a visual treat – two color pages showcasing the complete designs of the new Boruto and Sarada. The intricate designs hold symbolic meanings, such as the Canoa symbol and the Zamaki family crest, indicating Boruto’s rejection of a false reality. The presence of a sun symbol sparks curiosity, possibly hinting at the Sun and Moon theme, or even alluding to Himawari, who bears a similar necklace. The enigmatic symbols worn by Boruto and Kawaki raise questions about their connection and possible alliances.

Shikamaru’s Surprising Role:

Boruto Chapter 81 Shikamaru

A surprising twist emerges as Shikamaru, not Naruto or Sasuke, is revealed as the new Hokage. This unexpected choice raises eyebrows, considering Shikamaru’s past performance and power level. The decision baffles many, including readers, leading to speculations about the reasoning behind his appointment. The absence of Sasuke’s involvement and Shikamaru’s adoption of the Hokage mantle pose intriguing mysteries for the upcoming chapters.

The Village’s Perception and Ada’s Power:

The chapter explores the effects of Ada’s power on the village’s perception of events. The people of Konoha are under the influence of Ada’s manipulation, leading them to believe false narratives about Boruto and Sasuke’s actions. This manipulation creates a sense of intrigue as characters’ memories are altered, and the truth is obscured. The concept of memory alteration and the influence of power on perception add layers of complexity to the narrative.

Mitsuki’s Unique Perspective:

Mitsuki’s character takes an unexpected turn as he exhibits concern for Kawaki’s well-being. His peculiar behavior hints at a deep emotional connection to Boruto, similar to his attachment to him in the past. Mitsuki’s internal struggle, stemming from the altered perceptions of Boruto’s actions, adds depth to his character and sparks curiosity about his true feelings.

Himawari’s Determination and Her Enigmatic Silence:

Himawari’s character shines as she trains rigorously to become stronger, embodying determination and growth. Her reluctance to acknowledge her relation to Kawaki and her focus on becoming stronger for Boruto’s sake spark questions about her knowledge and role in the complex narrative. Her silence and actions hint at a hidden agenda or understanding of the situation that remains to be unveiled.

Code’s Sudden Appearance and Its Implications:

Code's Sudden Appearance and Its Implications

Code’s sudden appearance raises questions about the timing of his attack and his knowledge of Boruto’s whereabouts. His calculated confrontation suggests a deeper plot at play, possibly hinting at Boruto’s role in protecting Konoha or orchestrating the turn of events. Code’s audacious stance on the ten-tailed creature showcases his power and ambition, setting the stage for an intense clash.


“Boruto” Chapter 81 marks a pivotal juncture in the series, bringing about the anticipated time skip and unveiling the new title. The power shifts, symbolic elements, and character dynamics contribute to an intricate tapestry of storytelling. As the narrative delves deeper into the consequences of Ada’s power and the altered perceptions of the village, readers are left on the edge of their seats, eager to uncover the truth behind the enigmatic developments. The stage is set for a thrilling sequence of events that promises to redefine the future of the “Boruto” universe. 

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  • 17 August 2023

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