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Boruto’s Cursed Power – Karma Explained!

When it comes to Boruto characters aside the most important thing in the story is the karma while Boruto has of course inherited the foundation built by the original naruto story the karma is something unique to Boruto and with it being something somewhat new and so integral to the story is important to understand it to be honest up to this point the story has been about the Otsutsuki and through that it’s been just as much about the karma as well power coming at a cost in the narrow tool world is of course nothing new we have the sharingan and its risk of blindness previously the Nine-Tails Chakra Mode usage coming at a risk of losing complete control and various other examples karma is like.

Boruto Karma’s

Karma possessor is granted the power of the Otsutsuki but in exchange for that the karma is also slowly turning that vessel into Otsutsuki it’s important to note that even if the vessel is dead or damaged beyond recognition it does not matter as long as there is a karma the Otsutsuki are able to resurrect essentially what the karma is is a seal placed as a compressed genetic backup of an Otsutsuki  clan member which once placed turns the holder into a vessel once one has become a vessel the karma will over time overwrite that person’s genetic makeup eventually turning them into an Otsutsuki body for later resurrection the karma essentially serves as a way of rendering fatal injuries to Otsutsuki as meaningless through karma they are immortal remember though karma is not simply a seal for resurrection it is also power that the vessel can tap into allowing them to use some of the strength of the Otsutsuki and its capabilities don’t end there because the karma also allows the vessel to be controlled by the will of the Otsutsuki who planted it and we’ve seen this with Boruto more than once now in the fight against Boro and at the end of the fight against Ishiki something that’s always super terrifying to see but also very cool appearance wise the karma appears to simply be a seal however it is actually a physical pyramid-shaped block of information implanted the karma is typically black in color but once activated begins to glow a certain color for example Boruto’s blue karma and Kawaki’s red karma once activated the karma also spreads across more of the body and resembles tattoos the first example of a karma that we have is the one planted on Jigen by Ishiki.

Ishiki had come to earth with Kaguya 

Ishiki had come to earth with Kaguya with intention of planting a divine tree that would grow the chakra fruit Kaguya was a lower ranking member so it was her that would be sacrificed for the sake of their goal however things wouldn’t go so smoothly Kaguya would go on to secretly have children on earth and develop an attachment towards the earth as well leading to her betrayal once confronted about it all she would attack Ishiki and leave him deeply wounded leaving him to die desperate to survive Ishiki would come across Jigen and while he lacked the strength to implant the karma right then and there he did instead shrink himself and live inside of Jigen’s head absorbing his strength and nutrients while simultaneously gaining control over his body the karma would later be implanted but due to Jigen’s body not being ideal it would only be able to manage the chakra of Ishiki for a short amount of time therefore a new plan was constructed one where Ishiki would search for a new host and plant the karma onto and Jigen would instead be prepared to be fed to the ten tails after Jigen we have Kawaki who wasn’t planted with a karma baiji again however this was not as simple as you would think my best guess is that because Jigen was not a complete Otsutsuki he could not plant one as easily as Ishiki would have been able to in his own complete form because of these complications the aid of a model was necessary.

Kawaki was one of at least 15 children that Jigen attempted to place a karma

Kawaki was one of at least 15 children that Jigen attempted to place a karma on 13 of which died and Kawaki being one of the last ones remaining was successfully able to be given a karma from that point on he was trained under harsh conditions to use his karma properly and become the perfect vessel for Ishiki in the future and the practice shows because Kawaki’s fighting with the karma is out of this world it just goes to show how powerful the karma truly is i mean Kawaki didn’t even know any ninjitsu in the beginning and was able to kill Garo and fight off Konohamaru’s team granted he has also had body modifications but still this was mostly thanks to the karma it’s worth noting that Kawaki’s karma when activated very closely resembles that of Boruto currently Kawaki does not have his karma though due to losing it when Ishiki was forced by Kashin koji to resurrect through the karma in Jigen the reason he lost the karma when this happened is that while a Suzuki clan member can plant multiple karma the extra vessels lose their karma once resurrection is done this is believed to be a safety mechanism to prevent duplications when resurrecting we know that at some point Kawaki will obtain a karma again because of the opening fight at the beginning of the series but at the moment he no longer has those abilities and is not a vessel for Ishiki from what we’ve seen and been told Ishiki is gone forever now due to dying again without a vessel prepared ahead of time and what a satisfying moment that was to see Kawaki stomp him out of existence after all the pain caused by Ishiki’s selfish goals this however leaves only one vessel Boruto.

Boruto received his karma at the end of the fight against Momoshiki

Boruto received his karma at the end of the fight against Momoshiki after he had defeated him with the giant Rasengan now initially it seemed that to receive a karma one had to kill an Otsutsuki but we later learned this is not the case Otsutsuki actually choose who to plant the karma on and dying is not a part of the process unfortunately for him Boruto had an odd compatibility with the karma and that is very rare and part of why he’s developed as a vessel at such a high rate in addition to that Boruto and Kawaki’s karma when in close proximity did resonate and speed up the process of becoming a perfect vessel as well worsening the situation as it gives everyone less time to find a way around Boruto becoming an Otsutsuki like Kawaki, Boruto gains incredible strength when his karma is active and has over time learned how to use its ability thanks to training with Kawaki however the karma does activate itself when Momoshiki’s will gains control of Boruto something that seems to happen when Boruto is emotionally overwhelmed or physically exhausted now that we’ve discussed the origin purpose and vessels of the karma we still have to discuss the abilities when in use the karma significantly boosts the vessel’s physical abilities and the power of their jutsu and is able to absorb jutsu as well this is crazy power to possess but does not make them untouchable Kashin koji for example was able to surprise and take down Jigen by using real fire instead of one created with chakra so for example using water from a nearby source for jutsu would not be absorbed karma can also be used for space-time ninjutsu as seen from Jigen Kawaki and Boruto for reasons unexplained.

Boruto and Kawaki’s karma do resonate 

Boruto and Kawaki’s karma do resonate and when their karma resonates it allows them to release anything that either of them have previously absorbed using karma in combat though is not all rainbows and sunshine as it can be extremely draining we’ve seen for example both Boruto and Kawaki unable to move after using it with that said that is karma and everything we currently know about it what do you think about this power was it a great addition to Boruto or is it weak in comparison to everything we got in the original naruto series how does Boruto’s potential with karma compared to the strength naruto has by being Jinchuriki one of them has a tail beast and the other basically has an alien.

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  • 10 September 2021

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