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Bucchigiri?! Everything You Need to Know

Type: Original anime series
Published: Scheduled for January 2024
Producers: Hiroko Utsumi, Taku Kishimoto
Genres: Action, school, delinquent
Source: Original story
Adaption: None
Studios: MAPPA


Bucchigiri?! is an upcoming original anime series directed by Hiroko Utsumi (Banana Fish) and written by Taku Kishimoto (Haikyuu!!). Delinquents rule in the schools and the series is set in such a world.

In the story, Tsubasa is a young delinquent, who is put in a school full of equally tough delinquents. Tsubasa wants to own the school by beating and becoming the top dog of the other delinquents.


Tsubasa: A young offender who is transmitted to a different school. He intends to claim the school as his own and become the number one guy.

Sakura: A female delinquent who is one of the best students in her school. She is also Tsubasa’s childhood friend.

Kaito: The leader of the strongest gang of delinquents in the school. He is a good fighter and has a mind of strategy.

Ren: Kaito’s right-hand man, another delinquent. He is a true and reliable friend.

Haruka: Kaito’s Gang has one delinquent member. She is good at fighting and has a little of an unknown element.

What is About Bucchigiri?!

Tsubasa is transferred to his new school, and the series begin at this point. He becomes renowned as a good fighter, but soon he understands that there are many other strong delinquents in school.

Tsubasa chooses to go and form his own gang, in order to fight him and emerge at the top. He enlists Sakura, Ren, and Haruka into his gang.

There are several occasions when the two gangs clash and Tsubasa and his friends begin to dominate the situation. Yet, Kaito is not going to surrender without a fight.


It is difficult to predict how the series will end since it has not aired yet. Tsubasa and his friends might eventually defeat Kaito and become the top dogs at the school.

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  • 26 October 2023

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