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Darwin’s Game Manga Gets Epilogue Chapter in November

Main manga ended with 125th chapter on Thursday

Yo, fellow otakus! The November issue of Akita Shoten’s Bessatsu Shōnen Champion has brought us some shocking news! Rain’s epilogue is coming. The next issue of epic Darwin’s Game manga by FLIPFLOPs will have 19-page epilogue chapter titled “#rain’s epilogue,” in November. And fasten your seat belts, because the main manga ended its 125th chapter in the same issue. Talk about a rollercoaster ride!

However, my anime-loving friends, that is not all. The thirty volume masterpiece will come to its end on January 5, with the thirty volume. Don’t you think it’s finally going to end?

And now let us plunge into the story. We have high school boy, Kaname Sudō, who accidentally stumbles upon the amazing app called “Darwin’s Game”. Like, whoa! He is sucked into a life or death game, where you have to play. Seriously, life or death, fam. The stakes are insane!

The wild manga journey begun by FLIPFLOPs started way back in December 2012 in Bessatsu Shōnen Champion. FunimationNow gave us streaming, and it was joined by Crunchyroll and HIDIVE in February 2020. We were livin’ the dream!

Shū Miyama (also known as Ginko) wrote the story, and Yuki Takahata handled the beautiful art. The manga entered its final arc in January 2020, and they were teasing us with the climax in January 2022.

And guess what? There’s more! This manga gave birth to an anime in January 2020, with a killer one-hour premiere.

But wait, there’s more again! In January 2020, Weekly Shōnen Champion of Akita Shoten, had also a prequel novel of the FLIPFLOPs duo in the hook. Miyama was the narrator and the dope-illustration maker was Takahata. The prequel was Shuka and Rain’s backstory. Unfortunately, it only lasted until August 2020.

Hold on to your seats, they’re planning a spinoff manga featuring one and only Rein Kashiwagi a.k.a. Rain. It is as if we would never leave this epic planet. Therefore, dear otakus, keep your eyes on November and January, and let’s relish the end of the epic Darwin’s Game.

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  • 13 October 2023

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