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Ghost in the Shell Creator reveals inspiration for the manga

The franchise’s official website Ghost in the Shell published an interview with the creator of the original manga, Masamune Shirow.

The mangaka revealed his main inspiration for creating the series and the first works in his career.

“In the winter of 1970, an observational computer game called ‘Life Game,’ or a type of automatic drawing art, was introduced to the world. Then, inspired by this, I created the structure and worldview of the story ( This refers to the world created by Masamune Shirow in his early works which continued with BLACK MAGIC and ORION. There are many works that were not published. In 1985, I published a manga called Appleseed and with the help of several connections, it was possible to release it internationally, especially in English-speaking countries. In this work, the story already includes many full-body armed cyborgs, partially mechanized people, widespread aerial surveillance networks via artificial satellites for public safety, people with mechanically enhanced brains, simultaneous two-way communication , digital methods and analogues, hackers, etc. Those weren’t elements that started in Ghost in the Shell.”disse Shirow.

He also gave details about the path to publication of the work: “It’s about going back to Appleseed’s time and seeing how things were 100 years ago, so I had an idea of ​​what it could be like. However, at the time, I had never submitted anything to a magazine to become a manga artist, nor did I receive medals or recognition in this area. It’s obvious now, but at that time, from the publishing world’s perspective, doujinshi (independent publications) didn’t exist, so there was no flow of doujinshi to the big magazines. In that situation, I couldn’t just jump in a magazine, so I created two short stories and handed them to Mr. Y as requested. It was a lighter version of Ghost in the Shell, with the main elements (female protagonist, mecha, etc.) being left out or toned down The design for Ghost in the Shell was completed before this story, and because it coincided with the publication of other works (in reference to ORION), he cheekily said, ‘It would be difficult to serialize this in a weekly magazine.’ These were GUN DANCING and PILE UP, which were published in the extra issue of Young Magazine Pirated Edition. We prepared several projects that had the same story and worldview as Ghost in the Shell, but sent the version set in Japan in a similar period to The Ghost in the Shell (title of the original manga). That’s because I thought it would be more versatile and compatible with other projects I had.”

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  • 1 November 2023

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