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Gojo Satoru’s Unlimited Hollow: The Most Broken Ability in Jujutsu Kaisen?

Welcome back, fellow Jujutsu Kaisen enthusiasts! In the latest chapter 233, the battle between the titans rages on, taking us on a rollercoaster of unbelievable feats and unexpected twists. From Sukuna’s jaw-dropping maneuvers to Gojo’s hidden power, this chapter 233 has it all. Let’s dive into the action and dissect the epic showdown that’s keeping us on the edge of our seats.

The Unbelievable Feats

Sukuna takes the center stage, showcasing his adaptability and strength. His moves leave even Gojo, the seemingly unbeatable sorcerer, questioning his victory for the first time. The tension is palpable as the battle reaches a crescendo.

Gojo’s Surprising Response

Just when it seems Sukuna has the upper hand, Gojo delivers an earth-shattering counter. Unveiling a hidden power of unparalleled magnitude, Gojo takes the fight to a whole new level. The hype is off the charts, with the stakes higher than ever before.
Sukuna employs clever strategies, including utilizing the powerful shikigami Mahoraga

The Three-Way Battle

As the battle intensifies, we witness the dynamics shifting. Sukuna employs clever strategies, including utilizing the powerful shikigami Mahoraga, leading to a seemingly overwhelming advantage. But things are far from over, as Gojo’s resilience and strategic thinking come into play.

Gojo’s Moment of Doubt

Surprisingly, even Gojo himself experiences doubt in the heat of battle. This is a testament to the immense pressure and strength of his opponents. It’s a side of Gojo we rarely see – unsure and vulnerable – which adds a layer of complexity to his character and the story.

Sukuna’s Masterful Tactics

Sukuna doesn’t disappoint either. His mastery over the shikigami technique is evident as he summons the Chimera Beast Agito, a fusion of multiple shikigami. This unexpected twist amplifies the challenge Gojo faces, leaving us both amazed and anxious.
Unlimited Holo Technique. A fusion of red and blue

The Ultimate Technique

In a stunning turn of events, Gojo unveils his ultimate technique – the Unlimited Holo Technique. A fusion of red and blue, this technique promises to be his most powerful yet. The suspense builds as we eagerly anticipate the outcome of this daring move.


With each passing chapter, Jujutsu Kaisen continues to deliver heart-pounding action and character development. Chapter 233 leaves us at the edge of a precipice, brimming with anticipation for the resolution of this epic battle. As we await the next installment, one thing is certain: the world of Jujutsu Kaisen is a masterclass in storytelling that never fails to captivate.
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  • 27 August 2023

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