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Luffy Interesting Facts

How’s it going everybody today we’re going to be counting down 9 facts about Monkey D Luffy now this Blog.

Number 1 when drawing one piece Oda was heavily influenced by the manga Dragon Ball and had that series in mind when designing his characters Oda has said specifically that when he created Luffy he was thinking about manliness because Dragon Ball had already done all the things that a child could possibly be happy about so that’s where he found his inspiration for Luffy.

Number 2 At the age of 19 Luffy is the youngest of all 12 members from the worst generation or the 12 supernovas.

Number 3 One of OTUs questions asked if luffy’s penis could stretch to which Eiichiro Oda replied that it could along with every other part of his body you know I’m glad that all the right questions are being asked heroes really don’t always wear capes.

Number 4 Luffy is the only known pirate to escape all three of the top government facilities which is any lobby, Impel down and marine forward.

Number 5 So Luffy’s, straw hat is obviously very important to him and because of that he doesn’t like anything happening to it well it turns out that this straw hat has all been damaged two times throughout the entire series so far at least once was by buggy in one of the first chapters and episodes of the anime and he accidentally damaged it a little bit himself once.

Number 6 Luffy never kills any of his villains or opponents that he fights no matter how evil heartless or destructive they are instead Luffy frequently sends the villains flying knocking them out or beating them until the point that they are almost near death Eiichiro Oda has explained that it’s not a question of morality so much as a matter of punishing the villains for their crimes Luffy feels that killing the villains lets them off too lightly where instead he considers letting them live to see their dreams be ruined a far more fitting punishment so the moral of this fact is that Luffy has never killed any of his opponents and it looks like he never will but I guess we’ll have to see.

Number 7 So a lot of you are probably wondering how luffy got that scar under his eye especially if you’re an anime watcher well in the first chapter of the manga we see that Luffy got this scar by stabbing himself under the eye with a knife to prove to shanks that he was tough and again this was shown in the manga and it was never shown or alluded to in the anime.

Number 8 Luffy was first featured as the main protagonist in the first plot of one piece which was romance dawn be one in the Shonen Jump specials show casting upcoming artists which was about a year and a half before one piece began Luffy would remain the protagonist in the second release of romance dawn which was romance Tanvi – which was featured in a Weekly Shonen Jump magazine and the final version of romance dawn which was v3 and then Luffy went on to be the main protagonist in the beloved one piece.

Number 9 Everyone already knows that Luffy’s favorite food is meat and if you didn’t where have you been but did you know what his least favorite food is while luffy’s least favorite food is the cherry pie from a certain place.

Number 10 luffy’s participant number at the Kuroda Coliseum where he went with the alias of Lucy is zero five five six and that number can be explained with the first two digits taken from Lucy’s birthday which is May 5th and the other two numbers five six being pronounced as gomu which is related to Luffy’s devil fruit interestingly enough Luffy’s participant number at the Kuroda Coliseum also corresponds to the chapter where he first arrived at Marine forward to rescue his brother ace from his execution that’s a little easter egg you might not have known about and one little bonus fact.

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  • 12 January 2022

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