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My Hero Academia- Aizawa Sad Past!

Another significant event in Aizawa’s past is revealed in Chapter 315 of the main manga, My Hero Academia. In this chapter, Kurogiri, a villain created from Shirakumo’s corpse is confronted by Aizawa. When Aizawa and him clash, the later admits that he still blames himself for Shirakumo’s death. He tells me that every night since Shirakumo passed away, he has had nightmares.

Aizawa has been molded by his sad past to his present status. He is a rigorous and unrelenting teacher, yet also deeply committed to caring for them. He understands how it feels to lose a loved one and does not want any student of his to face the same pain he went through.

Aizawa’s story serves as a reminder that heroes also have weaknesses. It also serves as a reminder of triumph over trauma and loss. Aizawa has learned to live with his pain, and he is now a stronger and more compassionate person because of it.

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  • 16 August 2021

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