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My Hero Academia: Deku are transforming Scary!

If you’ve been keeping up with the latest contents of the my hero academia manga then you would know that recently the tonal shift has been major we’ve transitioned from happy and fun school life and events to what is now a series of terrorist attacks prejudice discrimination murder and of course a plethora of new quirks and abilities we might hear academia that you once knew is gone and we have expressed this point many times.

Main character has changed as well Deku

 However but its main character has changed as well deku is being broken before our very eyes so with the events of the war arc deku was made to see and experience he links to which the villains would go to to fulfill their nefarious desires and steal his quirk away from him to take one for all and not only have these transgressions taken a horrible toll on society as a whole when it comes to characters that deku has a relationship with characters that he cares about many of them were in mortal peril some of which he was able to properly protect but many of which of course being on a multitude of different fronts that he was not particularly on not only that but he did not know.

The true intentions of the villains in this Scenario

The true intentions of the villains in this scenario he did not know what was coming it was very much a secret that was reserved to only the upper echelon of heroes such as endeavor i mean just imagine that suddenly one day going from your typical work study to suddenly being in a life or death battle against evil itself incarnate apparently with many of your friends and loved ones being in jeopardy and peril nearly losing their lives right before your very eyes and if you know anything about this character by now it is not only that he is incredibly heroic but he does have some anger management issues deku gets angry very very easily is very easy to make him lose his cool if you talk poorly about one of his friends if you talk terribly about bakugou he is going to be heated and so just imagine how he is feeling in the midst of all of this the last thing he wants to do is have his friends and family be in danger and so he had to go he had to leave uh this was his decision and he intended to go off by his lonesome but would be talked into being chaperoned in a sense by all my although almighty is not in the field with him in the same capacity that a mentor like batman would be with robin it’s at this point more of a batman beyond scenario and now taking into consideration more current events we have the situation.

Horrific damage right before Deku’s eyes 

Where he is fighting against lady nagant and just as it seemed as though he was making some headway getting a breakthrough and possibly transitioning her from being a villain into instead a hero once more all for one intervene then this intervention was not just words or anything this was action this was decisive action and horrific action at that as lady nagant was subject to horrific damage right before deku’s eyes and is very much on the verge of death at this point and to me what makes this situation so significant is that this is a character that deku intended to save this is a character that deku set out to save and at that deku has technically never failed to save someone that he intended to save you could say that certain i died but with Sir Nighteye it was sort of the inverse he stepped in to save deku’s life not the other way around maybe he didn’t say bakugou from the sludge villain in the very beginning of the series but his action did have an impact on all might.

Situation up with no Casualties

Who did clear the situation up with no casualties here we have a very direct casualty and deku failed to save them and although i don’t expect this situation to extinguish the heroic flame deku has within him i do think that at the very least this is a situation that is pushing him further and further to the edge that he was already nearing for a while now for us as fans being able to see these developments almost week to week we may not always be able to perceive the progression of time in its entirety but listen deku has been away from school for a while now it has been over a month at this point and to be fair we haven’t even seen the full extent of his time in the streets here he has actively been looking for all for one and shigaraki trying to scrounge up any sort of hint that he possibly can but has yet to uncover anything of substance but even still he has definitely been out in the streets and taking down villains all by his lonesome and with that being said it feels as though deku is attempting to fulfill the role that all might once did although.

Heroic Shortage

He is on the hunt for the masterminds behind this current crisis that’s not to say that he’s just going to up and ignore any sort of villainy or crime being perpetrated out and about no he is of course going to go out of his way to handle any degree of turmoil whether they be big or small especially because there is a sort of heroic shortage at the moment but obviously at this point i feel like we can all agree that the one man symbol of peace thing isn’t invaluable and won’t be the fix we need simply because deku is taking up the mantle and for as smart as deku can be at times that intelligence of his isn’t always there especially when it comes to introspection he’s now beginning to see the world less as black and white and more like a whole lot of grey but i don’t think that he has given up the all my mentality just yet he decided to leave everyone behind as to not endanger them by proximity and although i can understand that sentiment in the sense that he doesn’t want them to be in danger it’s kind of ridiculous because with the exception of say almight or his mother.

The exception of say almight or his mother

They are all heroes or aspiring to be heroes just as he is they all don’t have a problem putting themselves in harm’s way if it means ensuring a threshold of sanctity for society yes his quirk is incredible and all for one will stop at nothing to possess it but there is of course strength in numbers and for as powerful as all for one stands to be even he is able to recognize the virtue of allies class 1a and beyond may not possess such major quirks but they have been subject to many of the same scenarios as deku and are heroes too so they shouldn’t be disregarded or considered liabilities deku at this point is one of the strongest combatants in this series he is absurdly powerful with way more room to grow but even still if the entirety of the villainous forces decide to converge on him and jump him he would have a very tough time facing them all and not only that but he does not want any smoke from sugar rocky or all for one themselves they will kill him now on twitter today we asked you guys which character you think will be able to save deku from himself we had bakugou, Uraraka and almight.

Which character you think will be able to save deku from himself

Who is there for a hero when they themselves need saving that is a question that Uraraka has had on her mind for a very very long time and at this point there is no question in my mind that deku needs to be saved he hasn’t been getting enough sleep he hasn’t been taking his diet into consideration he is filthy hasn’t smiled or cried in ages which is very unbecoming for this character is throwing caution to the wind and using quirks he has no prior experience with in the midst of life or death situations and thanks to one for all has been talking to himself profusely for over a month deku is a mess and he is getting worse and worse for such a heroic character as deku to be placed in the midst of this broken society is very very bad for his mental health and if this is him only beginning to crack under pressure i imagine that he is going to be shattered at some point and that’s a very Shonen thing you hit rock bottom but you get back up .

Happy boy Deku

I think that to get back up he is going to need his friends he’s going to need the people who care about him to be there for him and assist him in this ongoing battle but what do you guys think about all this do you miss your happy boy deku smiling at all that or is this rough and tough broken and gritty deku.

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  • 12 August 2021

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