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My Hero Academia: Deku Finally unleashes One For All’s Full Power

Deku can finally be able to call One For All his own Quirk, After chapter 369  of My Hero Academia, as he released its full power for battle.

Deku Finally unleashes One For All's Full Power

Ever since Midoriya Izuku(aka Deku) inherited One For All by All Might,, was destined to wield all seven Quirks of those who inherited in My Hero Academia. After the disaster that was Blackwhip’s first manifestation, Deku started the special training to ensure he’d never be caught off guard in a similar incident , and to use his new abilities to their full potential and carefully.

In the newly Chapter 369 of My Hero Academia, Deku finally shows the fruits of his training and wields One For All in its full, horrified might.

MHA Chapter 369 Reveals, What One For All’s Full Power Looks Like?

Deku’s long-term strategy finally paid off in Chapter 369 of MHA. Not only is he using every single one of his Quirks in line-up without any blow back, Deku is able to give a blow-by-blow every count of exactly how his air of might is achieved. Every quirk is growing together to become a greater power, as All For One is forced to show visions of his encounters with past users of One For All, when Deku recognizes the abilities.

As Deku uses each Quirk after the other, they reveal a supernatural level of synchronization. Each quirk perfectly complements the other, or directly gets into a setup for the next. With Danger Sense, Smokescreen, Blackwhip and Float, Deku can use his ability with zero visibility, while still retaining the perfect idea of his targeted location and more than reaching them instantly.

Gear Shift allows him very good control of his body’s movements down to the cellular level, and when sync with One For All’s brute strength in the form of a punch, allows him to land one rapidly more powerful than it would originally be. Meanwhile, Fa Jin starts  moving again , allowing him to immediately use Gear Shift.

Impressively, all of this strength was not good to make All For One despair. Instead, My Hero Academia’s ultimate villain got inspiration from One For All, victory had not yet evaded him. Like always did, All For One had hidden several pieces that could bail him out of a tough spot if needed. Maybe, this time  his trump card is Spinner that will also reveal so wait for the next chapter.

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  • 14 October 2022

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