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My Hero Academia Season 5 Episode 18: They Just Beat The No. 1 Hero!

All right so this latest episode of my

hero academia, my hero academia season 5

episode 18 is by and large without a

shadow of a doubt the best episode to

come out of this

season this otherwise horrendous season

of my here academia.

My Hero Academia season 5 episode 18

 It was stupendous it was actually really

really good

and truthfully coming from the last

episode which i felt like was the

absolute worst

i was sort of dreading this episode i

was feeling a little reluctant to even

watch it but now that i have

i will safely say that for once with

this season i actually

appreciate and enjoyed this more than

the manga equivalent

truthfully i feel like every aspect of

this episode was done to a 10

and should have amplified the groundwork

that the manga had provided

from the very beginning with his

juxtaposition of the previous endeavor

to the man that he now is at the time he

was definitely very insecure

thinking about how other people may be

comparing him to the number one hero at

the time

all might all while reeling truly nobody

was thinking that sort of thing

especially not in the context that he

was particularly in

any sort of comparison that wasn’t bred

in that way no doubt came from him and

his bad attitude

as compared to the smiling face of all

might now ending although being a

one-off villain was really really good

that was a phenomenal performance from


all throughout the episode you could

feel the madness the depravity

the insanity of this character who



Who longed to be killed

by the smoldering inferno that was


this is a madman who had been

contemplating his suicide for a very

very long time

and it seems like in his madness what he

sought was endeavor

simply because he was a hero who could

potentially go beyond the typical bounds

who would actually

kill a adversary a rather strange

concept but truly

ending is a villain that wants to be

saved and

from his madness that is the sort of

safety that he desires

and in that his targeting of Natsuo is

peculiar to me

simply because in this world of heroics

where your

identity is so public you would imagine

that there would be more precautions for

one’s family and loved ones or things

like that but

no they seem to just be free game as

Natsuo was able to be taken just like


and this is the number one hero’s son so

if he can get caught up like this

i can only imagine the families of the

triple digit heroes and at that i can’t

say that i would be jumping for joy when

it comes to having a family member that

is a hero although contextually with how

paraded heroics are in this society

i imagine that they don’t have that sort

of thought process mostly

and now this may be very subjective

although most discussions tend to be in

a lot of ways

i feel like this arc this endeavor

agency arc

is the funniest bakugou has ever been to

me i feel like this

is his comedic high point he’s actually

pretty comical throughout this whole


and at that although we don’t get much

of him i do really enjoy

endeavor driver here his personal

chauffeur is pretty funny

and the way that he was able to blow up

on bakugou and actually shock him

who was of course a major loudmouth was

really interesting

and funny and listen when they all came

out of the car when their super suits

got blown out of the trunk i was like

okay this episode is hard this is going


this is pretty cool but yeah with

endeavors hesitation in this episode we

were able to see

our three heroes to be actually shine


outshine him fulfilling the tasks that

he had provided to them

at the beginning of this arc and i

remember when these contents first hit

the manga

i was saying to everyone that this is

where we see the turning point of Deku’s


we are seeing the turning point wherein

he is able to do things that nobody in

his class

could ever hope to do i mean his use of

black whip here is

incredible it is sensational it is


literally nobody else in the class and

I’ve had people argue this with me

back in the day but no now you know

nobody else in the class could do this

lift up three cars simultaneously in one


jaunt that takes incredible strength


accuracy and the appendages to even be

able to do that

the closest you could possibly get would

be Shoto and his ice but that could be

hazardous all

on its own but yeah all three of them

were able to internalize and learn from

Endeavor’s teachings

and actually apply it here in a dazzling


now I’m not gonna lie the touching

moments of this episode were really

really good when endeavor went and held

his son Natsuo

it was sort of conflicting you felt a

certain way about it because

you know their shared history you know

the past between them but it is clear

that endeavor does care for his children

even beyond shoutout he is just a

garbage human when it comes to

expressing how he feels

and treating people properly or at least

he was he’s not attempting to appease

but rather atone at this point

and truly i do believe that this

Todoroki family drama

is where Horikoshi’s writing truly does

shine i mean this is a

long-standing subplot wherein.


Where Horikoshi’s writing truly does shine

We have

some of the most compelling emotional


possible and as opposed to other series

where you’ll have just complete and

utter forgiveness

or you’ll have a character that will

just continue along their horrendous

path without any reparations or

any repentance here we have both the

recognition of wrong doing

and a lack of forgiveness not in the

sense of mean-spirited resentment

but rather just a realistic feeling you

know you can’t just

forgive and forget and let bygones be

bygones especially

not when you have lost a sibling to

things of this sort

you can’t always expect someone to be

the bigger person

it’s unfair it really is in a lot of

cases and for some people they are able

to get past that and that is the example

that we have with Shoto

but in the case of Natsuo it is another

side of the spectrum

as well as the sister Fuyumi is another

side of the spectrum

which all just exemplify that everyone

responds to these sorts of traumas

differently everyone is able to

cope with it in different ways and that

is okay i mean these sorts of situations

are so complicated that it is not

one-size-fits-all you can’t just have a


for these sorts of things and i guess

that’s why I’m so fascinated by

this subplot because you don’t really

see that in a lot of other series

but yeah to further emphasize the change

of endeavor you have ending over there

just sobbing

at the sight of this arrogant flame just

withering out

and changing whether you love him or

hate him

endeavor is changing rather than a

redemption arc flat out

this is a repentance arc i feel all in

all this was a pretty good wrap up to


endeavor agency arc and i mean i am far

from satisfied with the arc

as a whole but to close it out we

actually did get something good here

as the animation was dazzling the story

was great which is

of course a given and i mean from the

theatrics the voice work it was just

good stuff totally the way we have

endeavor self-induced separation from

his family as opposed to him just

shoehorning himself into the equation

it just feels good and it is just a

respectable conclusion

the title of this episode the unforgiven

is just

perfect but of course things could not

be all sunshine and rainbows as

next episode although i don’t believe

that it’s going to be a bad episode

necessarily we don’t have any

indication of something like that we do

know that it is going to be a

continuation of this out of order


of the series as next up we have the

Kurogiri stuff going on

and these events are not at all a part

of the endeavor agency arc so

that means that we are getting even more

content that is not what we are supposed

to be getting right now

and i truly do not like it one bit

because considering the manga content

and what we are showing with this


it is evident that this is going to at

least at the very least

last for another two episodes they

cannot contain all that they have here

in a single episode at all in fact

considering how this season has been

playing out

i imagine that it will more than likely

be three episodes based on the fact that

they can more than likely shoehorn a

good bit of flashbacks into that last


of content and forgive me i am

attempting to be as spoiler free as i

possibly can but for my manga readers

you would know that this would be

chapter 257 that i am referring to

which kind of hurts just a bit because

chapter 257 is a personal favorite of

ours over here on the channel

because it is around that time that we

first began to pop off when it comes to

my hero academia content and got our


and at that i am very curious how

they’re going to play certain aspects of

these chapters

out simply because they require context

from an

arc that we have now skipped over for

the time being

so as far as i’m concerned.


It’s either

going to be just cut out the equation


or they’re still going to keep it in

which is going to be very very bizarre

because you don’t have that added

context but whatever the case may be

this is a bit concerning based on pacing

how this is actually going to work out

and pan out

because this arc that they skipped over

is by and large quite possibly

the best arc of my hero academia to date

i mean this is an arc that most manga

readers not only put in their top five

but at least in their top three so

suffice to say

it is really good that being said.

The joint training battles arc lasted for 23 chapters


joint training battles arc lasted for 23

chapters and ended up being

9 episodes total then you have the

endeavor agency arc which was less than

half of that

and lasted 11 chapters which equated to

6 episodes but then you have this arc

that has been skipped over and held for

the end of season 5

which comes out to 22 episodes or double

the endeavor agency arc

and will now have either 5 or 4

episodes to its name so perhaps in

knowing that you are able to properly

see the discrepancy here

i mean this arc is virtually the same

length as the joint training one

but granted with the joint training arc

there was a lot of unnecessary

flashbacks and the like

but even still for that to have gotten

nine episodes and here we are getting

like five or four

at best i can’t say that i am exactly


but we’ll just have to wait and see how

things do pan out when the time does in

fact come

however if at any point you decide to

dabble into the manga side of things

do yourself a favor.

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