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Naruto Top 10 Clan!

All clans we’ve looked at abilities history members and more to create this bracket and currently only 10 remain did your favorite make it into the finals.

Aburame Clan

Aburame Clan- Is the bug-loving Aburame Clan which in my opinion are severely underrated unlike the other clans the Aburame strength lies in their symbiotic relationship with insects legit they have tens of thousands of bugs living inside them feeding off their chakra in return the insects will do whatever the user commands allowing the Aburame to use jutsu without hand signs along with that they are experts in espionage why send in a person when you can send in a legion of insects to scout an area or track somebody down at birth an Aburame could have various breeds of insect injected in them giving them unique abilities and weapons for example if someone was given the ring Kikaichu watch out this insect carries the ability to destroy an enemy cells and cause excruciating pain or they could find themselves up against chino whose insects the Kikaichu can drain an opponent’s chakra and then share that chakra with anyone with four other bug types we’ve only scratched the surface of what the Aburame clan is capable of amazing and scaring thing’s.

Sarutobi Clan

Sarutobi Clan- The will of fire each shinobi who carries the will of fire is depicted to love believe cherish and will fight to protect the village they serve as previous generations had done before them this is essentially the Sarutobi clan’s way of life headed by Hiruzen Sarutobi, the Sarutobi have always put the village above all after the fourth Hokage the yellow flash of the leaf Minato fell Sarutobi stepped out of retirement and retook the title of Hokage to try and lead the leaf out of tragedy and impending civil war in his own right is powerful and was known as the professor due to his mastery of all skill sets combat forms and nature transformations unfortunately the third lost his life sealing away Orochimaru’s ability to form hand signs using the reaper death seal however his passing only highlights further the values of the Sarutobi and the legacy he leaves behind comparatively Asuma and Konohamaru haven’t reached tires and skill level however each in their own way have carried the Sarutobi name with pride making sacrifices to protect the village i still tear up every time. 

Nara Clan

Nara Clan- The Nara clan are renowned for three things for the village it’s their genius and ability to manipulate the shadows for fans this clan is responsible for one of the greatest characters in naruto and a huge fan favorite all right he could have been a little bit more enthusiastic Shikamaru but all right at 12 Shikamaru was already a tuning due to his ability to think 50 steps ahead strategize and apply said strategy all while calm and collected this is very representative of the skills behind their signature technique the shadow possession jutsu which requires high level thinking and strategy to almost manipulate their opponent into a trap it’s like a game of chess or shogi every move that’s made is with intention while being leaders in their own right within the hidden leaf they are also the leader of the famed Ino Shika Cho trio a formation that has traversed several generations between the Nara, Akimichi and Yamanaka clan beyond the battlefield the Nara are also known for their strides in medical research. 

Hatake Clan

Hatake Clan-what’s the fastest way to a girl’s heart Chidori while only having two known members Hatake has become a name of legend known far and wide across all villages this legend begins with the genius known as Konoha’s white fang Sakumo Hatake whose fame rivaled that of the legendary Sannin unfortunately after abandoning a mission to save his teammates Sakumo was ostracized by the village due to the unwritten rule of shinobi this led to the white fang taking his own life however his legacy didn’t end there enter kakashi hatake and where do we even start on his long list of accomplishments the eventual 6th Hokage became a tuning at 6 years old a Jonin at an early 10 and captain of the Onbu black ops at 13. in his own right he was strong and that strength only compounded after receiving the shotting gun from his friend Obito Uchiha as someone with a limited amount of chakra the fact that he could use the shouting gun and later the Mangekyo shotting gun in his own unique way is proof enough to why the hatake are on this list.

Kazekage Clan

Kazekage Clan- First let me say that Kazekage isn’t their official last name but with children like this i’m not gonna question it and who would the name itself stems from the leadership held by Gara and his father rasa the fourth Kazekage also this family is strong that’s right not strong strong with a k we all know about the one-tailed Jinchuriki Gara who used to bury people in sand just for fun then you have tamari who carries that iconic fan and wind style jutsu that is no joke last and certainly not least is the puppet master Kankuro together this trio has seemed like an unstoppable nightmare throughout naruto and the range of power doesn’t end there some members such as rasa have been able to inherit the magnet release Keke Genkai which gives the user the ability to manipulate various minerals and use them as weapons that is the key behind rasa’s gold dust manipulation this clan has never been one to mess with so i guess it’s a good thing that they became the leaf’s ally.

Hyuga Clan

Hyuga Clan- prominently known for their pupils eyes the Hyuga clan are one of power nobility and secret as direct descendants of the Otsutsuki clan their power stems from their Keke Genkai the Byakugan which next to the Rinnegan and Sharingan are some of the strongest eyes out there this unique ability allows its user to have 360 degree vision that can stretch for miles on end on top of that the user is able to see an opponent’s chakra points which is responsible for the Hyuga clan’s gentle fist technique with this taijutsu someone of the Hyuga clan will strike your chakra points rendering them useless the greatest and most sacred of techniques within the Hyuga clan is the eight trigram 64 palm that is passed down within the main branch of the clan however the genius that is Neji mastered this on his own overall the Byakugan’s versatility has created some of the greatest medics scouts and combatants the village has ever seen.

Uzumaki Clan

Uzumaki Clan- Residing in the village hidden by whirling tide the Uzumaki were once feared and revered for their immense strength reservoirs of chakra and skilled mastery of Fuen jutsu or Ceiling jutsu as a result of this fear other nations banded together and destroyed their village forcing the red-headed clan to spread far and wide Naruto’s mother Kushina traveled to the hidden leaf and became the nine-tails Jinchuriki as her ancestors before nagato grew up outside of the village hidden in the rain as we all know after surviving through war tragedy and despair nagato formed the legendary band of rogue ninja the Akatsuki he also became the leaf’s greatest enemy Pain who you know wiped out the entire village or whatever i could do that in my sleep but last and not least reigning from the Uzumaki clan is the kid the show is named after who saved the village and essentially the world although their crimson red hair faded throughout the generations Naruto and his son Boruto have carried the Uzumaki name with pride.

Senju Clan

Senju Clan- Coming in third is the Senju known for the specialization in wood release healing and overall immense chakra pools the Senju next to our spoilers second place winner are the founders of the village hidden in the leaves their leader Hashirama who many would consider the greatest shinobi ever to do it became the hidden leaf’s first Hokage that title became something passed down through generations as Tobi Rama Senju became the second Hokage and lady Sunade the fifth as a whole the Senju aren’t like other clans who focus on a specific style of jutsu rather the Senju were nicknamed the clan of a thousand skills becoming master of all jutsu in all categories ninjutsu Genjutsu and taijutsu some even went on to create their own that jutsu naruto made so famous created by Tobi Rama if there was a jutsu that the Senju were really known for it was Hashirama’s wood release Keke Genkai which would put the nickname of a thousand skills to the test for naruto fans you know exactly what i’m talking about as a direct descendant of the Otsutsuki clan the Senju deserve their top three ranking.

Uchiha Clan

Uchiha Clan- coming in at a hot number two is none other than the Uchiha clan did you see what i did there hot because fireball jutsu no no all right i’ll just keep you moving known for their feared Keke Genkai the shutting gun the Uchiha are some of the most powerful ninja out in the land the shotting gun is a dojutsu that enhances the user’s visual perception as well as allow the user to copy their opponent’s jutsu their power grows even further when the Mangekyo shouting gun is unlocked giving the user our favorite techniques such as Amaterasu, Kamui and Susano but that doesn’t even compare to the eternal Mangekyo shotting gun which allows for the use of jutsu obtained by the Mangekyo shotting gun to be used without strain or damage to the eye the downside to this power is to obtain it you got to take a Mangekyo shot and gun eye from a family member and transplant it into your skull overall this is the Uchiha’s achilleas heel the family line is one of torment despair and loneliness as their power stems from their hatred and sorrow oh question for you guys who’s your favorite Uchiha.

Otsutsuki Clan

Otsutsuki Clan-  Is the Otsutsuki Kaguya is legitimately the mother of all chakra her son is Hagoromo the sage of six paths and founder of Ninshu which created the ninja world every jutsu ability Keke Genkai including the renegade shotgun and Byakugan come directly from this clan of interdimensional gods and they’ve always been there over centuries black Zetsu an embodiment of Kaguya’s will played puppet master manipulating the fate of the world dating back to the time of Indra and asura when asura was named the new leader of Ninshu, Zetsu manipulated Indra to go to war every time the two brothers would reincarnate it was Zetsu all along pulling the strings towards Kaguya’s return and infinite Tsukuyomi despite being defeated by naruto and sasuke more than once.

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