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New Gintama film gets trailer

A Bandai Namco Pictures released the first trailer for the new film Gintama which will compile the Arco do Espinhoso (Arco do Baragaki).

The arc corresponds to episodes 244 to 247 of the anime. The reissue titled Gintama on Theater 2D Baragaki-hen will feature new extra content.

The launch was announced in September and is part of the project to celebrate Gintama’s 20th anniversary. Check out the trailer below:

Gintama on Theater 2D Baragaki-hen opens in Japanese cinemas on November 10. The film will have a limited screening and will only be on display for three weeks.

Gintama’s anniversary project begins in 2023 (when the manga turns 20) and runs until 2026 (when the anime turns 20).

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  • 20 October 2023

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