One Piece Chapter 1098: The Tragic Tale of Jenny, Kuma, and Bonnie
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One Piece Chapter 1098: The Tragic Tale of Jenny, Kuma, and Bonnie

The latest chapter 1098 of One Piece, called “The Birth of Bonnie,” takes the fans through another emotional ride as we discover Jenny’s surprising background, how she turned into Kuma, and what happened to Bonnie. In the beginning of the chapter, it is revealed that Jenny was kidnapped 14 years prior to the present day in order to become a wife for a Celestial Dragon.

As the story evolves, we find out that Bonnie is indeed the child Jenny had with the Celestial Dragon. In this chapter, it is revealed that Jenny has been cursed by a rare disease called Sapphire Scale, and this makes it one of the darkest chapters in the series.

Kuma’s experience is detailed as he evolves from a mild giant to a brutal warrior following Jenny’s capture. Kuma is left devastated as the chapter dives into the painful moments of Jenny’s death. In spite of this tragedy, Kuma adopts Bonnie, which reveals a different facet of the character.

The complexity of this story is multiplied by Bonnie’s development and the course of her illness. Readers get torn apart by the heart wrenching realization that Bonnie will lose her life around age of 10, which is an incurable disease. Kuma’s struggle to tell Bonnie the truth makes the story even more touching.

There are some beautiful moments amid the darkness, for instance, Kuma’s commitment in raising Bonnie, and touching father-daughter scenes. The chapter ends with a new threat emerging in the sorb kingdom, leaving fans to speculate on Kumas role in the upcoming events.


Finally, “The Birth of Bonnie” is a well-made chapter that includes tragedy, love, and turns that are not expected. Oda tells a story such that readers are left drained and yet glued. As fans eagerly await the next developments, one question lingers: What can we expect of Kuma, Bonnie and the next events in One Piece?

Question: How will Bonnie’s story proceed as she faces the Sapphire Scale disease and what do you think Kuma will do in the next events?

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  • 9 November 2023

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