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One Piece director discusses why some anime adaptations fail

One Piece was a huge success with its live-action adaptation, but it is common for live-action adaptations of anime to fail, an example of this is Cowboy Bebop also from Netflix and Death Note. Knowing this, the director Marc Jobst responsible for One Piece, spoke about the case:

One of the freedoms you get from seeing people and talking to people who work in two dimensions is that you’re not tied to three dimensions, which means the origins of these stories sometimes go outside the box. They are free to use their imaginations and go down all kinds of crazy paths because they are not limited to being human. And I think we respond to that as readers. I think we respond to this madness, this outside-the-box thinking, this ‘My God’ thinking, this freedom of thinking, that anime and manga can provide.

That becomes a real challenge in adapting it to live-action, because we need to bring him back… and we need to bring him back to the human in such a way that it’s true to the anime and the craziness of the manga and everything. the rest, but also rooted in some kind of truth and authenticity, so that your audience says, ‘I’m going to go on this journey with these people because even though they have elastic skills and can do crazy things, or Buggy can split into thousands of different pieces, somehow I believe in your emotional journey and I’m interested in your emotional journey.

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  • 22 October 2023

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