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One Piece Showrunner comments on visual effects in Devil Fruit powers

One of the challenges for the production team of the live-action adaptation of One Piece was the representation of the powers of users of Devil Fruits (Akuma no Mi).

In an interview with ComicBook, the series’ co-showrunner, Steven Maedacommented on the use of visual effects in these scenes.

“There was a lot of consideration and debate that went into how to do the devil fruits and the effects throughout the series. And the first idea was to keep everything as realistic as possible. Let’s make everything weathered, make it look like it’s been at sea for 15 years, and making sure everything looks real as opposed to just colorful and shiny, so the costume doesn’t look like cosplay The second point, about devil fruits, to answer your question, we watch a lot of movies and series with characters that stretch to really see the effect, but there were certain choices made in some series that we thought wouldn’t work for us and helped or hurt our conception of an elastic power. One of the things we did was set some ground rules for ourselves when it came to powers.”said Maeda.

The executive producer then explained how they managed to achieve verisimilitude: “In Luffy’s elasticity, we knew we have the ability to work with the best special effects, but how do we do that without it looking fake? Because that effect just looks fake sometimes, even when it’s done well. And so part of the process was that I fought really hard so that when we saw the elastic power, first of all, it was quick. It doesn’t take long to stretch. There are one or two scenes where you have the opportunity to study this. If you want you can frame it freely, but the power of the eraser is fast. It stretches like a rubber band and moves quickly back and forth. And another thing we tried hard on was not filming the power in action vertically or through the screen. He always had to come or move towards the audience, and I think that helped make it a little more kinetic.”

One Piece: The Series is available on Netflix. Season 1 adapts the Saga East Blue and has 8 episodes.

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  • 17 October 2023

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