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One Punch Man: How Saitama Really Got His Powers

Saitama from One Punch Man might just be the most powerful Hero that’s ever existed like we’re talking absurd levels of strength that not even Superman or Captain Marvel could possibly dream of however the origins of most of our favorite heroes are typically well documented and explained with this character that’s not exactly the case so where does all of his strength come from then.

Let’s start by taking a look at what backstory we do know in the first episode of the critically acclaimed anime series which can be found on Netflix if you haven’t seen it yet we see a young man in a suit confronted by a giant crab like monster wearing Tighty Whittie’s he’s like a giant half man half crab creature this guy explains that he ate so much crab that he actually turned into a crab like monster and now he wrecks havoc everywhere he goes the monster is perplexed by the man’s lack of fear towards him and he lets him off the hook rather than do any harm to him the crab monster eventually finds the target he was looking for which happens to be a young boy who appears to have like a how do I put this he has a butt for a chin look it’s a weird show, so the half crab person wearing Tighty Whittie’s finds the boy with the butt for a chin and has dastardly plans for him the man in the suit intervenes and doesn’t let any harm come to the child an epic showdown ensues as this seemingly regular dude takes a beating from the monster but is ultimately able to defeat him by kind of pulling all of his internal organs and all of his guts through his eye socket you know that old trick.

Then flashes forward three years and we see Saitama now bald

Then flashes forward three years and we see Saitama now bald ironically buying crab legs in a grocery store before having to save the world from an evil giant okay so what the heck happened in those three years why does he look completely different and why does he dress like a superhero now well he followed a very strict and rigorous training regimen that he followed every single day for three years every single day he would 100 pushups 100 sit-ups 100 squats and he’d run 10 kilometers he also had no air conditioning which is apparently a vital part to the process and he ate a banana for breakfast every single morning nothing else just a banana he did that every day for three years and as a result he lost all of his hair and he gained all of this incredible powers it wasn’t like a gradual thing either like the powers just awoke after three years of continuously doing these moderately difficult workouts.

One at least in my opinion is why did he lose his hair

Okay so question number one at least in my opinion is why did he lose his hair perhaps it was I don’t know stress-related the manga explains that the overwhelming feeling of alienation in exchange for power is what caused him to suddenly go bald seems like a pretty fair trade-off now a life of constant unrest and discomfort along with a bald head in exchange for the most powerful abilities known to humankind it seems reasonable if you ask me or perhaps one punch man works in sort of a reverse Dragon Ball kind of way rather than the hair going all wild like when Goku goes super Saiyan it’s the opposite effect and you know massive amounts of power instead leads to hair loss in this universe speaking of which it’s a common topic of debate online who’s more powerful Saitama or Goku considering one punch man is meant to essentially be a parody of shows like Dragon Ball and everything is supposed to be comically exaggerated I don’t think this is even a close debate one punch man would knock that pointy hair right off the top of Goku scalp the only problem with that level of power and this is a major one is that there’s no more excitement he’s too powerful which causes a general to the whole hero job the approach is saving the world and fighting off huge intimidating monsters with the same enthusiasm as someone working at a cubicle at a desk job he can literally defeat anyone with just one punch he doesn’t even have to try hard it’s also a valuable lesson that resonates true with everyone ordinary lives if everything just goes your way a hundred percent at a time then there’s no point that’s just boring Saitama is actually eerily comparable I find to Rick Sanchez from Rick and Morty they both share the same unimpressed approach to life Saitama is too powerful whereas Rick is too intelligent they both don’t feel challenged anymore so their approach to life is unfortunately pretty depressing it’s an addiction and they’re both constantly seeking their fix only there’s nothing out there strong enough.

Saitama is too strong and Rick is too smart

Saitama is too strong and Rick is too smart meaning their tolerance is too high to feel anything I just got everybody out in fact Saitama even has dreams of fighting off worthy opponents who give him a run for his money he fantasizes about terrifying villains who can pose a real threat only to wake up to a world where that doesn’t exist and any villain that he encounters is easily and quickly discarded of it’s a self-imposed existential crisis where he’s too powerful to gain any thrill whatsoever from the battles that he so passionately longs for besides he isn’t a hero because he cares about fighting for justice or protecting the innocent he does it because it just seems fun he gets a kick out of it even in a world that’s constantly under attacked by demons and aliens and other dangerous evil forces he’s much more concerned with the sales going on at the local grocery store like a crime boss in a world where everything is legal he can no longer enjoy the one thing that he’s passionate about so let’s jump back to where these powers actually come from I mentioned his exercise routine but we all know that that’s not a real viable answer as to how to become a superhuman sure it’s always a good idea to do some push-ups and sit-ups every day but that isn’t going to land you any superpowers.

According to the backstory not even Saitama knows exactly

According to the backstory not even Saitama knows exactly how or why this happened he’s not exactly the most complex character after all it could be argued that he’s sort of a simple person and rather than dwell on the origins of his power where they came from he instead just prefers to relax and enjoy his hero duties while most anime’s like this typically show the main character developing and evolving their skills and shows them getting stronger one punch man is different because it just starts out with him at the max in Dragon Ball the Saiyan spent years in the hyperbolic time chamber in order to become stronger in this show he just did a couple of squats and there’s no more room to improve how that happened one theory is that he’s a wish monster meaning his training had little to do with it and instead anything he wishes for comes true another theory is that Saitama is actually in a coma following his bout with the crab monster and that every event that comes after that one altercation is entirely in his mind hence why he’s able to defeat everyone so easily perhaps the best theory however is that in the process of training so rigorously he broke his limiter every human has a limit on how powerful they can be and what they can achieve but Saitama got rid of his through hard work and dedication he pried open the doors of his limits and totally broke whatever ceiling there was in place that would totally explain why his powers awoke one day and it wasn’t like a gradual improvement type of thing his limiter broke meaning the second that that happened the floodgates just opened he isn’t particularly special in any way he was born the normal way he lived an ordinary life and had no special powers or potential whatsoever he was just an ordinary guy who dedicated himself to becoming a hero so much so that it happened in abundance.

Emotions and Desires is what creates their powers

Which brings me to an interesting part of the whole one punch man universe I believe that emotions and desires is what creates their powers think about it Saitama wanted to be a hero so he trained until one day he just turned into the most powerful hero of all time he isn’t the only example though in the initial encounter with the crab thing the monster explains its personal backstory which came from a serious obsession with crab later in that very same pilot episode were introduced to the terrifying super custom a person who was so obsessed with building custom cars that he turned into a custom car type of monster it happens over and over again in the one punch man universe someone’s desires is what gives them powers and can actually transform them if you do something excessively or you wish to become something and you work on it hard enough and you’re passionate enough about it you can actually make that change that’s the secret to Saitama powers it has less to do with the push-ups and sit-ups but more to do with his desire to be the strongest hero in the world I guess the same could be said about real life to a degree you probably won’t turn into a crab monster just by eating too much crab but if you’re passionate about something and dedicated enough to it then you could really be whatever you want that’s a pretty beautiful underlying message from such a amazing and unpredictable show.

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  • 1 September 2021

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