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Spider-Man | Marvel Mangaverse (2000)

Marvel Mangaverse: Spider-Man is a single-issue comic published by Marvel Comics in 2000. This was written by Warren Ellis and illustrated by Kaare Andrews.


The story is about Peter Parker, a schoolboy bitten by a radioactive spider that changes his life and endows him with new abilities. He gains the spider’s powers but the Hand, a bunch of evil ninja who want to exploit them, make him their target.

The comic book is set in a different world, in which Marvel heroes are portrayed in the manga manner. Peter Parker is a young man with black hair and blue eyes. He’s red and black, wearing a suit with a Spider on his chest. The costume is made of fabrics that bestow upon him the powers of the Spider-Man. These include strength, speed, and agility.

The comic starts when Peter Parker is bitten by a radioactive spider. However, the man becomes sick with the spider’s powers. He is brought to the hospital and has a rare disease.

The Hand invades New York City while Peter is in hospital. They are headed by the Kingpin, a tycoon in crime. The Hand wants to abuse Peter’s powers for its evil intentions.

Peter flees from the hospital and faces the Hand. He overcomes the Hand’s ninjas and saves the city. In the process, he learns to channel the powers and utilize them positively.

The superhero comic book ends with Peter Parker. He promises with these powers he will protect the innocent and battle for justice.


Marvel Mangaverse: It is an interesting and well-written comic book about Spider-Man. It is the perfect start to the Marvel Mangaverse Universe. The comic book is also a good read for fans of Spider-Man and manga.

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