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Studio Pierrot did a good thing to stop Black Clover

Black Clover which surprisingly actually went on a hiatus after its 170th episode on march 30th now before, anime for a very long time and when you have this long-running popular Shonen like Detective Conan, Naruto now Boruto or One Piece or Dragon Ball they never go on a break during the year yes there’s like holidays like the golden week or something so basically two times a year they are not airing but 50 episodes per year non-stop for a lot of these long-running anime and when they come too close with the manga then they start you know producing more filler arcs and etc.

Black Asta From Black Clover

So that is very interesting what happened with Black Clover because usually what happens on this situation where the anime is closing up to the manga they basically stop it and that would happen with Hitman Reborn with D-Greyman and Inuyasha they stopped it and then years after they adapted the later arcs and the obviously one solution also is to basically create an original anime ending that’s what they did was Full Metal Alchemist that’s what they did with Tokyo Ghoul and a lot of others and the surprising thing about this is they didn’t went with an original anime ending here so they decided to hey we’re gonna be pausing this anime and then coming back we’ll allowing the manga to go on so we can add up more stuff and this is by Studio Pierrot.

Goku, Naruto, Luffy

Which is the first point we should talk about and Studio Pierrot is notoriously known from anime original endings so it would have been definitely on pro’s repertoire to basically do an original anime ending for Black Clover and who knows they might be adapting the last arc and after that they might end it or create an original ending i don’t know how long uh Black Clover is gonna be going for i kind of surprisingly that this arc is gonna be the last or the second last arc they could expand on the world and build a lot of things obviously but that’s my assumption.

Black Asta

People who have read the manga can leave their theories and leaving good topics down below now after we have gone and gone through that important thing i wanted to talk about which is by the way a good thing because Black Clover is coming back when we will be seeing fillers, so fillers are probably the good thing to also start about before we go into the premise so a lot of other long-running animation and have an immense amount of fillers and actually on you know Black Clover you have around 10 fillers plus a six episode filler arc or basically eight episode filler arc. These arc also important in these arc ae are able to know few new things about side character also but you know very this what arc is coming that will be the awesome one and fabulous. So wait or watch and i know most of them know already Black Clover movie also coming I’m so excited for movie, when it come with what story arc so see you soon.

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  • 30 July 2022

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