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Studio Trigger executive comments on the current state of the anime industry

During the event Machi Asobi the executive of Studio Trigger (Cyberpunk: Mercenários, Kill la Kill, Little Witch Academia), Kazuya Masumoto commented on the current state of the anime industry.

Although the interviewer classified the current scenario negatively, Masumoto presented a more optimistic view in his response.

He began by citing the studio’s own achievements in creating a better work environment for animators, such as expanding the human resources sector and establishing partnerships with institutions and vocational schools to prepare professionals who intend to enter the industry.

The executive highlighted that the sector was facing more serious discussions about issues involving labor rights, such as working hours and wages, 10 years ago. He points out that one of the reasons for this was the little funding that the productions received.

At the time, a regular 30-minute anime had an average production cost of US$100,000. Currently, the budget is double, and can reach three or four times more in more popular productions.

Masumoto attributed this shift in funding to the growth in global popularity of anime and partnerships with platforms like Netflix. This was the case with Studio Trigger’s newest hit, Cyberpunk: Mercenaries.

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  • 1 November 2023

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