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Sukuna’s Domain Expansion is one of the strongest techniques in the series. However, the anime only shows a glimpse of that, leaving fans confused.

 Malevolent Shrine

Sukuna's Domain Expansion, Explained
It is unknown when Sukuna was able to create his Domain Expansion, but he was able to make use of it even after his incarnation. It was first reveal in Episode 4 of the anime when Sukuna get hold of control of Yuji’s body to fight the Cursed Womb. The newly born special grade curse was separate into several pieces and burned off in a matter of seconds. At that time, Yuji had only swallow a fragment of Sukuna’s powers. Thus, seeing such a dangerous move was shocking for fans.
Malevolent Shrine is an very powerful and special domain that takes the form of a disfigured Buddhist shrine to enshrine a demonic being such as Sukuna. The shrine has horns on the roof and skulls hanging at each corner of the roof. His domain expansion is the only one that doesn’t makes a separate space within a barrier, creating it different from than other types of Domain Expansions. Rather, Sukuna can directly manifest his domain into reality and have a sure hit effect without requiring a barrier. Because of this, it is considered one of the powerful techniques.
The capability to realize one’s essential domain without utilizing a barrier is allied to an artist drawing in thin air rather of on a canvas; Sukuna excels in this. He uses a Binding Vow that nobly increases the guaranteed smash within a radius of 200 measures. Within his Domain Expansion, Sukuna can use forms called Cleave and Dismantle to relentlessly cut anything in its compass. His form, Dismantle, targets insensible objects, while Cleave targets anything with accursed energy. The cost of such a Vow is to allow an escape route within his domain, which does not inescapably give him a disadvantage in battle since Sukuna can fluently turn the situation in his favor.

Sukuna’s Domain Help Him Reside in Yuji’s Body?

Sukuna's Domain Help Him Reside in Yuji's Body?

An Innate Domain is barely unlike from a Domain Expansion, and it’s frequently simply related to as a Domain. It’s a metaphysical territory that a user creates within their mind and is typically realized using Domain Expansion to construct the terrain using accursed energy. To cause such a domain, one needs to manifest large quantities of pure accursed energy. Sukuna’s soul can exist singly while preserving his knowledge within Yuji’s body by residing within his Innate Domain. When Yuji questioned about this inside his domain, Sukuna explained to him to allow
 of it as if they were living within his heart. 
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  • 6 February 2023

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