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Summoned To Another World Again : Trailer OUT! Plot, Cast & Release Date

About Anime?

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The official synopsis of the new anime has come out online. As per the plot, the anime is about a well known hero, who is now been summoned in a new world. Being called in another world, the boy is trying to come to terms with the truth that he is no longer the hero that he formerly was. But as he navigates through this new world, there is some weird trap surrounding him, thus, he returns to the world that he comes from.

But now, he is not the grown-up that he was. Now, he has to restart as a baby formerly again. And now, he has to relive high school, and other parts of his life again. Studio elle is a new player in the profession. But the show brewed by this company will be an exciting to watch for fans!

Official Announcement!

In the latest announcement made on the official website of the show, the creator bring out new characters and cast members soon for the fans. Along with this, a new trailer was also out online. The list of prime cast members include Takuma Nagatsuka as Toma. Along with this, Yui Ogura is playing the part of Shironeko. Rina Honnizumi is playing the role of Mineko. And at last, Satomi Akesaka is playing the role of Loa.

Anime: Release Date

Well, fans will be pleased to know that the new anime will be coming to their screens in a little period of time. As of right now, the final international release date has not been released. But the conditional date of Summoned To Another World Again Anime is said to be April 8, 2023. 

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  • 7 February 2023

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