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The Devil Queen Is Dead? Noelle And Nozel Meet Their Mother- Black Clover Chapter 303

 Oh my goodness this latest chapter of black clover was magnificent this was such an emotional ride that has been a long time coming with the previous chapter noel having donned her saint valkyrie dress yet again would charge forwards towards.

Noelle having donned her saint valkyrie dress

 Megicula as real and charlotte provided her with a bit of support and suddenly luck would appear and do the very same thing as now inspired by his presence real would additionally call forth Gaja to aid him with this path now paved for her noel will continue her sprint but be stopped by a barrier of curses and just as the situation looked to be especially dire her older brother Noelle had arrived with this latest chapter we’d have a flashback to the end of Acier silva’s battle against Lolopechka and Megicula here Nozel was clutching onto an infant noel as she cried and he was frozen with shock and fear he would then yell out to his mother as he was absolutely helpless here after being cursed his mother’s health rapidly deteriorated the rest of their family did not know anything and assumed it to simply be the after effects of childbirth and as it turns out.

Nozel to never speak of Megicula

 When Acier was cursed so too was Nozel to never speak of megicula involvement in his mother’s demise otherwise he himself would die and anyone who hears the truth would suffer the same fate and so that he could not tell a single soul what had actually transpired but even still he felt the need to do something he had to find a way to break the curse but ultimately despite his best efforts he was unable to i mean he was such a young child at the time in bed his mother would tell him that he had already done more than enough that he’d already put his life in danger enough as is and this was just gut-wrenching you could just see the tortured expression on his face his mother would then say that strength does not come easily but even still she was sure that her children would become stronger than her someday and so she wanted Nozel to live and from there one year after being cursed his mother Acier had died as he could do nothing but watch helplessly as in his sorrow and helplessness he’d bitten down on his own lip until it bled profusely but he could not afford to spend his time being sorry for himself later on we’d have the funeral of their mother as Nozel knew that he needed to become stronger and oh my goodness this moment right here was so major as it served to explain the cross at the end of Nozel braid if you recall when it came to the vermilions the cousins of house silva Fuegoleon had his forehead marked with a symbol that signified the sign of a personal oath that it was worn by those prepared to conquer themselves and become king and with that Nozel seems to have adopted a similar philosophy as right in front of his eyes forever in sight there is a constant reminder of his mother and the reason he strives to become stronger.

reason she strives to become stronger

This also serves to explain why he harbors such disdain for Yami as someone who had made fun of his hair something that means oh so much to him the personification of his ideals and goals nozzle needed to become strong so that he could one day take down his mother’s enemy and protect his younger siblings Nebra and solid were developing progressively but were no match for such a threat and noel despite her desire to be taught was unlikely to become strong and so locking her away was cinderella at the time the best course of action and so he would tell her horrible things calling her a failure and such when in reality he simply did not want her to have to go through the very same pain that he was he’d even blame her for the death of their mother when he alone knew the truth during this time he harbored such horrible feelings towards himself blaming himself for the death of their mother considering himself to be a coward running away from his younger sister in fear of losing her like he had lost his mother and in feeling like he did not deserve to be in her life he had pushed her away his objective was to become the wizard king he needed to become the absolute strongest and many events across the story would be recalled here but regardless of the situation he refused to have his journey halted and so when he recognized the power of Megicula he dropped everything and went on the attack now in the present nozzle would thank everyone in attendance for their efforts as standing atop his mercury eagle he would look down towards his most hated foe and be grateful for the opportunity to face her again as he would expend every ounce of his strength to pierce and destroy her and Megicula using Acier’s magic to reinforce herself against these blows would question if this was an emotional reunion then stating that unfortunately devil do not possess such human feelings and at this time the words of his late mother would come to mind and resonate within him that he has the toughness of steel and the gentleness of water his onslaught was unending as Megicula could not believe it he had eviscerated her form leaving only her heart remaining but even still she was confident that this would not be enough to break the heart of a supreme devil.

Nozel would think to himself with regret

Such as herself and just then Nozel would think to himself with regret he was wrong he never should have pushed her away that he and noel should have become stronger together as now combining their magic nozzle would provide mercury to his sister’s blade as noel would proclaim to the nefarious Megicula that victory belonged to the humans who refused to give up as she cleaved through the monster’s heart in the shape of a cross in remembrance and reverence of their late mother it was done Megicula for all her caution and planning was defeated a prospect she never even considered to be a possibility now certain that she must have overlooked something concluding by saying that she’s now very interested in the strength of human emotions that this was the power of humans as now emerging from the devil’s heart was a soul as very briefly the spirit of their late mother would hold tightly onto her two children who were all grown up now recognizing how strong they had both become leaving them both in tears and that was a chapter what a beautiful conclusion to such a painful and sad story this arc is just oh so good guys now as for how Nozel was able to break through Megicula’s defenses like that in chemistry the mixture of mercury and water aids in the corrosion of steel and excessive amounts of mercury have some horrible effects on blood so this was a perfect counter to her abilities i mean in no way did i expect to become an even bigger fan of Nozel.

man is an absolute legend

But here i am the man is an absolute legend and you know what i think that when it comes to subtlety when it comes to the sowing of seeds Tabata is perhaps one of the absolute greatest manga ever this man packs so much incredible information into his artwork and never explains it outright and admittedly for a time i was not able to properly recognize this i knew that i loved black clover and it was just such a incredible story but at the same time at certain intervals i could not help but feel as though there was a lacking amount of dialogue to be had in respect to just how much action there happens to be but no Tabata packs his story into the action you can feel each and every swing each and every cleave each and every little easter egg and to an extent it is a bit unfortunate because it is a degree of ingenuity and genius that is just inherently liable to being overlooked.

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  • 23 August 2021

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