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The Great Wish


Unrivaled attractiveness, exceptional skills, a clear path to the throne — Sienna Argent has it all. And now she’s indeed seeing fancies of her future! Everything is set for her as the Silver King and soon- to- be emperor. So why has she suddenly grown cautious of those around her? The mama she’s always seen as her supporter, the half-royal half- sibling she’s constantly escaped, and a man shrouded in mystery, all act to play a hand in the course of her future. Is Sienna fated for a lesser than happy ending

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The Great Wish or Widaehan Sowon is a Action, Drama, Fantasy, Romance, The Great Wish release on August 31, 2019. This manga The Great Wish has unique made Original story line that adapted from Novel. The Great Wish Story & Art by: Narae Original and Novel by: Skye, Published by TAPAS MEDIA 2020. This is currently updates 119 chapters in The Great Wish manga.
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