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The Untimely Conclusion of Black Clover – Shonen Jump Bids Farewell to Black Clover Manga, Asta vs. Lucius Showdown to Ending in December

The Tragic Death of Black Clover! Shounen Jump Remove Black Clover Manga, Asta vs Lucius Ending in December?!

Asta and the Black Bulls have appeared on the main battlefield, confronting Lucius and his paladins in what will undoubtedly be the final battle of the entire series. Asta and Yuno are fighting together once again, as are Yami and Nacht, taking on Paladin Morgan. Everything is reaching its conclusion with this battle. Asta is on the verge of becoming the ultimate Wizard King, but this isn’t even the main topic of discussion. Shocking news has just reached us concerning the Black Clover manga. Following the significant controversy surrounding the previous chapter, we have received information that Chapter 368 will mark the end of the Black Clover series in the Weekly Shonen Jump magazine. This magazine has been the series’ home since its inception. After this chapter, the Black Clover manga will transition to Shonen Jump Giga, a sister magazine of Weekly Shonen Jump that is published only once every three months. Yes, you heard that right. This magazine is released only four times a year, meaning the next Black Clover chapter won’t be available until December. This news is monumental, and it’s quite overwhelming to process. Opinions are divided; some view this change positively, while others consider it detrimental to both Black Clover and its fandom. Amidst this turmoil, it’s crucial to delve into the recent chapter’s events and the unfortunate fate of the Black Clover manga.

Now, as many of you are aware, the latest chapter of Black Clover is laden with spoilers. Therefore, proceed with caution if you’re not up-to-date. , the previous chapter stirred substantial controversy. Several characters who had sustained severe injuries were miraculously healed, including Gray and Gauche. Moreover, Asta inexplicably shared his anti-magic with the entire Black Bulls squad, granting them the ability to wield anti-magic alongside him. The events of this chapter generated polarizing reactions, with some finding it disappointing and detrimental to the story, while others believed in the author’s ability to craft a triumphant conclusion.

Returning to the latest chapter, it swiftly brings us back to the climactic showdown between Asta, Yuno, and their allies against Lucius. The battle between Yami and Paladin Morgan also takes center stage. Yami’s newfound strength astonishes Morgan, who acknowledges Yami’s growth but acknowledges his need to conclude the fight swiftly due to other pressing matters involving Lucius. Lucius requires Morgan to fulfill vital tasks beyond just engaging Yami, prompting Morgan to employ his second magic attribute: dark magic, bestowed upon him by Lucius upon his resurrection.

Morgan wields both light and dark magic simultaneously, creating a stunning display of power. His dual-blade assault overwhelms Yami, leaving him vulnerable. Paladin Morgan cites his ambition of becoming the strongest Magic Knight alongside Yami, yet their paths have diverged drastically. Meanwhile, Yuno’s relentless battle against Lucius and his clones continues, sustained by the Neverland spell, which keeps Lucius at bay. Yuno’s allies are empowered while his foes’ strength diminishes, nullifying time magic assaults. Yet, the spell’s maintenance is a taxing endeavor.

Amidst these engagements, an unexpected twist occurs. The Black Bulls’ base materializes adjacent to Lucius, and the squad charges into battle, all equipped with their anti-magic forms. Knocked and Ichika intervene to protect Yami from Paladin Morgan’s onslaught. Simultaneously, Asta joins Yuno’s struggle against multiple Lucius clones, setting the stage for a grand finale. The longstanding rivalry between Asta and Yuno persists, with both aiming to conquer Lucius and attain the coveted Wizard King title.

Although this chapter’s events are thrilling, an even more astonishing development shadows them. The abrupt shift of Black Clover from the Weekly Shonen Jump magazine to the quarterly Shonen Jump Giga magazine has rocked the community. Giga’s release frequency, only four times a year, compounds the frustration of an already agonizing three-month wait between chapters. Speculation abounds regarding the series’ ultimate trajectory, with opinions diverging on whether this change will enhance or undermine the narrative’s conclusion.

While some anticipate a more polished ending for Black Clover under less strenuous deadlines, concerns linger regarding the potential decline in popularity due to prolonged hiatuses. Nonetheless, the series’ substantial success cannot be disregarded. With almost 20 million manga volumes sold, a successful movie, and the possibility of the anime’s return, Black Clover’s legacy endures. Although the extended wait for chapters isn’t ideal, fans can only hope that Yūki Tabata, the creator, will be afforded the necessary creative space to craft a gratifying conclusion to this monumental journey. The fate of Black Clover hangs in the balance, leaving enthusiasts both excited and apprehensive about what lies ahead.

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  • 18 August 2023

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