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Toei Animation announces global expansion plans

With the anime industry growing internationally, the Toei Animation is planning global expansion.

According to information from the Variety the company plans to set up an office in Italy, aiming to have a greater presence in the European market.

This would be just the first of the new local offices. Toei also aims to have offices in Mexico to represent Latin America and in India.

The information was revealed by the executive Shinohara Satoshi during the TIFFCOM business event linked to Tokyo International Film Festival.

Last year, three films from the company’s major franchises were successful on the international market: The First Slam Dunk, Dragon Ball Super: Superhero e One Piece: RED.

International launches have represented an increasingly larger share of the company’s profits, jumping from 12% in 2012 to 60% in 2021.

However, the results are not always positive. Knights of the Zodiac – Saint Seiya: The Beginning it was described by Satoshi as a “spectacular failure”.

But the executive assured that the company is learning from its mistakes and will not give up on risky bets.

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  • 25 October 2023

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