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Toryumon Takeda is launching an adventure manga about a cyborg and a street urchin titled Doga on October 20.

Toryumon Takeda is gearing up to launch a captivating adventure manga called “Doga of the Great Arch” on October 20 2023. This manga will be serialized on the Web Action manga website, by Futabasha.

In the world of “Doga,” cyborgs and humans coexist side by side. The story revolves around a cyborg character named Doga and a spirited street urchin named Yume. Together they embark on a thrilling adventure in search of the artifact known as the Great Arch, which supposedly grants wishes to those who discover it.

Takeda has earned recognition for his suspenseful storytelling style and “Doga” promises to deliver that. Anime and manga enthusiasts are already buzzing with anticipation eagerly awaiting what Takeda has in store for them.

I’m personally thrilled about the release of “Doga.” As a follower of Takedas work I’m constantly seeking fresh and enthralling manga to delve into. The concept behind “Doga” sounds incredibly captivating. I’m genuinely excited to witness Takedas mastery in developing both the narrative and characters, within this new series.

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  • 9 October 2023

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