Vinland Saga |  Creator had to change his plans for the publisher to approve the manga
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Vinland Saga | Creator had to change his plans for the publisher to approve the manga

The creator of Vinland Saga, Makoto Yukimura was present in Toronto, Canada, for the Toronto International Authors Festival (TIFA) and an event presented by the Japan Foundation.

In an interview with Anime Trending, the mangaka commented on the serialization approval process by the publisher.

“It’s a little complicated. When I asked my editor to write the story for Vinland Saga, it didn’t start with (Thorfinn) facing the English in England. Instead, I was planning a story that started with him being a slave. So, the editor I spoke to at Kodansha said, ‘Well, that’s not going to sell! A story that starts with a slave? I thought it was a plot about Vikings and fighting, and you’re not going for it? How am I going to explain this to my editor- boss?’ That was the first reaction I got from him.

Since I started thinking about this story, the part I really wanted to work on was about the protagonist being a slave, and from that becoming someone exploring a new land. This was the part I really wanted to write.

However, when I got the initial reaction from my editor, I thought to myself ‘He might be right’. This is about these people called Vikings, and there were wars and fights. Maybe if I incorporated these elements, we could make the story very exciting. So when we decided to do that, we were able to win over the editor-in-chief to the point where we could convince him, ‘This is going to be a story we can serialize.'”

Vinland Saga is serialized in the monthly magazine Afternoon. The manga published in Japan by Kodansha since 2005 it has 27 volumes to date. In Brazil, the title was released by Panini.

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  • 24 November 2023

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