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What Do All the Yonko Think of Shanks

In the treacherous world of pirates, one name stands out, transcending fear and earning universal respect – Red-Haired Shanks. But what do the infamous Yonko, the four most powerful pirates in the world, think of this enigmatic figure? Let’s delve into the minds of these legendary pirates and explore the complex web of relationships, rivalries, and respect that defines Shanks’ place among the Yonko and know about what all the Yonko think of Shanks.

Who are the Yonko?

Before we dive into the Yonko’s thoughts about Shanks, let’s briefly introduce these titans of the sea. The Yonko, also known as the Four Emperors, are four pirates who rule over the New World, the most dangerous part of the Grand Line. They are considered the pinnacle of pirate power and influence.

Shanks: What all the Yonko think of Shanks

Shanks’ Reputation and Character

Yonko think of Shanks, Blackbeard, the ambitious and ruthless pirate, has openly acknowledged Shanks as a formidable force to be reckoned with. He respects Shanks’ strength and recognizes him as a worthy adversary. Kaido, the indomitable Beast Pirate captain, shares this sentiment, albeit begrudgingly.

Yonko Blackbeard’s Thoughts

Blackbeard, known for his insatiable thirst for power, sees Shanks as a challenge he must overcome to achieve his goals. Their history is shrouded in mystery, but one thing is clear – these two Yonko share a deep-seated rivalry.

Yonko Kaido’s Thoughts

Kaido, the seemingly invincible creature, has clashed with Shanks in the past. Their battle left a mark on both of them, and Kaido respects Shanks’ strength, considering him one of the few who could potentially end his reign.

Yonko Big Mom’s Thoughts

Big Mom, the formidable pirate with a penchant for sweets, holds an intriguing perspective on Shanks. While she doesn’t openly express admiration, she acknowledges his power and prefers to maintain a cautious distance.

Yonko Red-Haired Shanks’ Thoughts on Himself

Shanks, in his characteristic modesty, rarely discusses his own prowess. He sees himself as a mediator of sorts, striving to maintain a balance among the Yonko and prevent all-out chaos.

The Shanks Effect

Influence of Shanks on Yonko’s

Shanks’ influence extends beyond his personal strength. His diplomatic approach and sense of honor have prevented numerous conflicts among the Yonko. He often acts as a mediator and has even brokered peace agreements.

Shanks’ Interactions with Other Yonko’s

Shanks’ meetings with other Yonko are shrouded in secrecy, but they are known to discuss matters that affect the pirate world. This cooperation, while tenuous at times, highlights the underlying respect they hold for each other.

Shanks’ Mysterious Aura

Shanks possesses an aura of mystery and intrigue. His calm demeanor, despite his immense power, leaves others in awe. This aura has a profound impact on those around him, making them question their own beliefs and goals.

Why all Yonko’s Respect Shanks

The Yonko respect Shanks not just for his strength but also for his principles. He stands by a code of conduct that transcends piracy, and this integrity commands admiration.

Yonko Grudges and Rivalries

While Shanks maintains a delicate balance, unresolved conflicts and rivalries simmer beneath the surface.

The Clash with Kaido

Kaido, still bearing the scars of their previous encounter, hungers for a rematch with Shanks. Their clash left both Yonko with unfinished business.

Shanks and Blackbeard’s History

The rivalry between Shanks and Blackbeard has a deeper history, one filled with secrets and ambitions. It’s a story waiting to unfold.

Common Ground: Shanks and Yonko

What Do All the Yonko Think of Shanks

Similarities in Their Ambitions

Surprisingly, the Yonko and Shanks share common ambitions. They seek to reshape the world in their image, each with their unique vision of what the future should hold.

Mutual Respect and Understanding

Beneath the surface animosity, there is a level of mutual respect and understanding. They recognize the roles they play in the pirate world and acknowledge each other’s strengths.

The World Government’s Perspective

One Piece World Government's What Do All the Yonko Think of Shanks

How the WG Sees Shanks

The World Government views Shanks as a significant threat to their stability. His influence over the Yonko and his commitment to preserving a semblance of order make him a formidable adversary.

Shanks as a Potential Threat

The government closely monitors Shanks, knowing that his actions can tip the delicate balance of power. They fear that he may one day challenge their authority directly.

Shanks’ Future and Yonko Concerns

Speculation About Shanks’ Goals

The future remains uncertain, and Shanks’ ultimate goals are known to few. The Yonko are left wondering what his next move will be and how it will affect their tenuous coexistence.

Yonko’s Worries About Shanks

The Yonko’s worries about Shanks go beyond immediate conflicts. They are concerned about the long-term implications of his actions and whether his vision for the pirate world aligns with theirs.


In the complex world of pirates, where strength and ambition reign supreme, Red-Haired Shanks remains a figure of intrigue. The Yonko, with their conflicting emotions of respect, rivalry, and caution, paint a vivid picture of the impact this enigmatic pirate has on their world.

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