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What Happened To Bon clay, Magellan and Bellamy?

Some of the one-piece characters you will find that if you have watched the anime, you would have not come to know what happened to them after completing their arcs such as Bon clay Magellan and Bellamy. Let us discuss.

Bon Clay

Bentham, also known as Bon Clay, is a favorite character who is highly loyal to friends and loves fashion. He first appeared in the Impel Down arc, assisting Luffy and other prisoners to escape. Bon Clay remained behind to face Magellan, the warden of Impel Down after their escape. However, it was believed that Bon Clay had died in the fight, only for it to be revealed that he had survived.

The cover of Chapter 666 features a picture of Bon Clay being the new Queen of Newkama Land, which is a section of Impel Down, for the residents of Okama (transgender and genderfluid people). Newkama Land is ruled with compassion and fairness by Bon Clay. Okama from all over there love him.


Magellan is a very tough Marine warden known for his deadly poison. He was first introduced in the Impel Down Arc when he fought Luffy together with other prisoners who were trying to flee. Magellan was defeated by Luffy but lived to tell the tale.

Magellan was demoted to Vice Warden and Hannibal was appointed as a new vice-warder. However, he remains a strong marine officer and not the warden of Impel Down.


Bellamy joined Sky Island arc, first as an enemy, however he was twice defeated by Luffy. Finally he repented from his evil and became the friend of Straw Hat pirates.

After the Dressrosa arc, Bellamy gave up piracy and became town’s craftsman who makes diet goods. He is now living with his new wife and son.


Bon Clay, Magellan and Bellamy all have interesting character arcs which ended and the characters themselves have become significantly different beings. That’s awesome seeing them all good and enjoying life.

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  • 11 October 2023

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