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What If Demons Fought Against Each Other?

Do you ever wonder what would happen if the Upper Moons of “Demon Slayer” fought against each other in blood battles? How would these epic clashes play out, and is there a Demon who has managed to climb through the ranks and become the new Upper Moon One? After extensive research and multiple readings of the manga, I’ve uncovered some unexpected outcomes in these intense battles. In this blog, we’ll explore some of these epic encounters and speculate on who might come out on top. Get ready for some thrilling insights into the world of Demon Slayer!

Battle 1: Gyokko vs. Daki and Gyutaro

Gyokko vs. Daki and Gyutaro

The first epic battle we’ll delve into is the confrontation between Gyokko and the sibling duo of Daki and Gyutaro. While it’s logical to assume that Gyokko, the higher-ranked Demon, would have the upper hand, this battle isn’t as straightforward as it seems. The siblings fight together, creating a significant challenge for Gyokko, who has to contend with two formidable opponents simultaneously.

Furthermore, the strength gap between Gyokko and the siblings isn’t as vast as their ranks suggest. Both Gyokko and the siblings dominated their fights against Hashira, only succumbing to Demon Slayer marks. Even Muzan acknowledged that Gyutaro would have a higher rank if not for Daki holding him back, hinting at his potential strength.

The most significant advantage the siblings have is their unique condition – both must be decapitated simultaneously to defeat them. This condition makes it nearly impossible for Gyokko to win alone. Therefore, if Daki and Gyutaro play their cards right, they could defeat Gyokko and ascend to the position of Upper Moon Five.

Battle 2: Hantengu vs. Gyokko

Hantengu vs. Gyokko

Next up is the battle for the Upper Moon Four title between Gyokko and Hantengu. Gyokko’s blood demon art, which allows him to teleport and create fish monsters, grants him an edge in dodging Hantengu’s clone attacks. He can use these fish monsters strategically to bait and strike the clones when they least expect it.

However, the real challenge begins when Hantengu transforms into his most formidable form, Zohakuten. This monstrous form is incredibly powerful, and Gyokko, even in his final form, would struggle to contend with it. In the anime, it’s stated that each clone is as strong as an Upper Moon Demon, but Gyokko’s mastery over his abilities should help him handle the clones and locate the main body.

The real challenge for Gyokko arises when he tries to find the main body while fending off Zohakuten’s relentless attacks. Ultimately, Hantengu’s unique abilities and Zohakuten’s strength would secure his victory, allowing him to maintain his Upper Moon Four title.

Battle 3: Hantengu vs. Akaza

Akaza vs. Hantengu

Now, let’s imagine a battle between Akaza, the Upper Moon Three, and Hantengu, who has just retained his Upper Moon Four title. Akaza is known for his incredible strength and mastery of hand-to-hand combat, making him a formidable opponent.

During his time as a demon, Akaza has defeated numerous Hashira without breaking a sweat. Facing Hantengu’s clones would be child’s play for him. He could effortlessly dismantle them, forcing Hantengu to transform into Zohakuten to stand a chance.

However, Hantengu’s unique ability to evade Akaza’s senses due to his lack of killing intent would be a significant advantage. Akaza, unable to sense Hantengu, would find it challenging to locate him manually while simultaneously defending against Zohakuten’s relentless assaults. In the end, this battle would likely conclude in a draw, with neither Demon emerging as the victor.

Battle 4: Doma vs. Akaza

Doma vs. Akaza

In this battle, we imagine a face-off between Doma and Akaza, both formidable Upper Moons. Doma’s deceptive and carefree demeanor hides his true strength, making it difficult to estimate his abilities accurately. However, he has risen through the ranks swiftly and effortlessly defeated Hashira-level opponents like Kanao and Shinobu.

Akaza, on the other hand, is renowned for his martial arts prowess and has defeated numerous Hashira during his life as a demon. He has perfected his skills over nearly 500 years, making him a formidable adversary.

This battle would be intense, and even minor mistakes could be fatal. Doma’s versatility with his cryokinesis and ability to create ice clones would keep Akaza on his toes. However, Akaza’s transparent world ability allows him to predict attacks and find weak points.

Ultimately, Doma’s potential to keep up with Akaza and his versatile abilities may give him the upper hand. Akaza may need more training to challenge Doma successfully. Therefore, Doma would likely emerge victorious, retaining his Upper Moon Two ranking.

The Ultimate Battle: Doma vs. Kokushibo

Doma vs. Kokushibo

Finally, we reach the ultimate battle for the Upper Moon One title, where Doma faces off against Kokushibo, the highest-ranked Demon among the Twelve Kizuki. Kokushibo, with his nearly 500 years of experience and mastery of Moon breathing, poses a significant threat.

Doma’s versatility with his cryokinesis and various techniques would initially keep Kokushibo on the defensive. He would find it challenging to predict Doma’s unpredictable attacks. However, Kokushibo’s transparent world ability would enable him to avoid serious injury.

The battle would be long and grueling, with both Demons pushing their limits. Doma’s regenerative abilities would allow him to recover from injuries, while Kokushibo’s Moon breathing would deliver lethal blows. In the end, Kokushibo’s experience, mastery of his abilities, and transparent world would likely secure his victory, allowing him to retain his position as the strongest UpperMoon Demon.


In the world of “Demon Slayer,” the battles among the Upper Moons would be intense, with each Demon bringing unique abilities and tactics to the fray. While some battles could end in draws or go either way due to the unpredictable nature of Demon powers, the upper ranks of the Demon Moons would remain fiercely competitive.

The outcome of these battles is subject to interpretation, but they provide fascinating insights into the power dynamics within the Demon Slayer universe. Each encounter would test the limits of the Demons involved, with only the strongest prevailing in their quest to become the ultimate Upper Moon.

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