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Why Sukuna wants Megumi ? Yuji is more powerful than Sukuna !!

Sukuna wants Megumi because he sees him as a potential vessel, not because he is more powerful than Yuji. Yuji may be physically stronger than Megumi, but Sukuna is not interested in physical strength. He is interested in Megumi’s Ten Shadows Technique, which he believes is the key to his revival.

Sukuna is also impressed by Megumi’s potential. He sees Megumi as a young sorcerer with a lot of raw talent. Sukuna believes that Megumi has the potential to be even stronger than him, and he wants to be the one to help him reach his full potential.

Finally, Sukuna is also attracted to Megumi’s dark side. Megumi has a hidden ruthlessness that Sukuna finds appealing. He believes that Megumi is the perfect vessel for him, as he will be able to control Megumi’s body and use his power to achieve his own goals.

It is true that Yuji is currently more powerful than Megumi. However, Sukuna is not interested in power for power’s sake. He is interested in power that he can use to achieve his own goals. He believes that Megumi’s Ten Shadows Technique is the key to achieving his goals, and that is why he wants Megumi as his vessel.

It is also worth noting that Sukuna is not an ordinary curse. He is a special-grade curse, which means that he is one of the most powerful curses in existence. He is also the King of Curses, which means that he has a lot of influence over other curses. If Sukuna were to possess Megumi’s body, he would be able to use Megumi’s Ten Shadows Technique to control other curses and wreak havoc on the world.

Megumi is aware of the danger that Sukuna poses, and he is determined to resist his influence. However, it remains to be seen whether Megumi will be successful. If he is not, Sukuna could potentially become the most powerful being in the world.

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  • 4 September 2023

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