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YOASOBI Tops Oricon Charts Again with Frieren: Beyond Journey’s End’s OP

In its yearly comeback, YOASOBI, the Japanese superduo, tops the Oricon charts again with “Yusha” and its latest album THE BOOK 3. This is the second week in a row that “Yusha,” the opening theme song to this season’s Frieren: For the Weekly Digital Single Ranking, beyond Journey’s End anime, which has been in the top slot.

The third YOASOBI song to have more than two consecutive weeks in the paid digital download ranking after “Into the Night” that spent four weeks straight at No. 1 and “Idol” that had two weeks running is “Yusha”. “Yusha” made 25,904 paid downloads between October 2–8 and over the 2 weeks total of 51,862.

YOASOBI’s The Book 3 is also at number one in the Weekly Digital Album Ranking with paid downloads of 11,021 copies, making the fourth in the band’s albums to hit such a level. The album contains Idol as well as “Yusha”.

You can hear “Yusha” each week as the opening to the Frieren: Beyond Journey’s End anime is available just here, on Crunchyroll, where the series is characterized as follows.

Frieren: Beyond Journey’s End

Hero, priest, warrior and the elf mage Frieren are finally done with the Demon King. Finally, after ten years of adventure, they are going to achieve their goal. But Frieren is immortal, while her followers are not. With the passage of time she will see them old and dead, while she will be left alone. However, in her grief even, she discovers a new meaning in instruction of a new generation of adventurers.

This is a story of life and death, love and loss as well as the indomitable nature of friendship.

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  • 11 October 2023

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