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10 Anime Characters More Powerful Than Superheroes

While superheroes are totally awesome they may not actually be the most powerful characters out there and it seems like some of the supercharged characters from the anime universe may actually have an edge over our friends from the Marvel and DC universes for today’s list we’re taking a look at some of the anime characters who could actually destroy some of your favorite superheroes. 

Whis- Is one anime character who comes with a pretty remarkable resume not only as we’ve defeated Beerus, he also is the one who taught Goku and Vegeta how to go to super Saiyan blue. Maybe in attending to the god of destruction Beerus but he also has some pretty incredible powers himself with the ability to fly warp through time telekinetically manipulate others and even automatically react to attacks that are thrown his way this martial arts teacher seems pretty untouchable we think that a fun matchup for Whis could be vision from the Avengers but with all of his powers we have to give the edge to the anime character.

Vados- But wait it actually turns out that Whis sister may actually be stronger than he is Vados tends to and teaches martial arts too Champa the god of destruction of universe 6 which acts as somewhat of a mirror to the Whis and Beerus dynamic that we know but battles actually trained her brother we’ve seen martial arts and claims that although her brother is strong she does still have an edge of power over him at one point battles also knocked out her god of destruction with a single blow to the neck and has displayed the ability to destroy a whole planet a great distance away by lightly tapping her staff that’s right Vados is no joke and she is exactly the type of character that could go up against the entire Justice League and live to tell the tale.

Vegeta- Another extremely popular character Vegeta the Prince of all Saiyans has achieved a lot of feats and the power debate as we all know between him and Goku has long divided anime fans for years and years while it’s hard to say if he actually is stronger than Goku one thing’s for sure he is undeniably one of the most powerful characters within this anime universe Vegeta has reached the level of gods all by himself so we know he not only has the natural abilities but also the determination to better himself when Vegeta was starting out as training with Wiese he was actually seemed to be lifting twice as much weight as Goku but of course that doesn’t necessarily mean that he’s stronger overall Goku aside Vegeta is undoubtedly one of the strongest characters and fighters the anime universe has ever seen and we think he would be very difficult for most superheroes to deal with.

Light Yagami
Light Yagami- Light Yagami of Death Note is one of the most uniquely powerful characters on our list as he only needs a pencil and a piece of paper to kill anyone he wants why light may not possess the insane speed and power of some other anime characters his unique killing power coupled with the fact that he’s an actual genius make him incredibly powerful and dangerous now some may argue that you would just need a character like the flash or Quicksilver to attack light before he could even get to his pen or paper but we have to think that the anime character is far too smart to be outwitted by speed alone it would be very cool to see the strange but deadly powers of Light Yagami pitted against the more conventional powers that most superheroes bring to the table.

Naruto- Naruto Uzumaki is a ninja and main protagonist of the beloved Naruto manga and anime now while his personality may seem somewhat immature at times his powers are definitely no laughing matter his chakra is extremely high which gives him powers of great longevity stamina and healing in battle he is also adept at using his trademark shadow clone technique which allows him to produce physical columns of themselves to fight beside him in battle it would be a pretty amazing sight to see Naruto and his clones take on an entire army of Iron Man suits but we have to give the edge to the anime character as his healing powers and his mastery of chakra let him tap into some pretty incredible levels of strength.
Lucy- Lucy possesses an insane amount of power as she is after all a Diclonius with the ability to produce and control vectors which are invisible telekinetic arms that can cut through several types of matter with perfect ease. Lucy’s killing prowess works in tandem with her willingness to murder anyone who rubs her the wrong way or if she needs something and doesn’t feel like asking politely that’ll get you pretty dead to Lucy’s powers aren’t stagnant either as they can continue to go stronger and stronger alongside her vectors we’d love to see Lucy take on another slashing antihero like Deadpool or maybe even team-up with the mercenary for a killing speed like no other.

Saitama- Just like Superman Saitama’s riders disrespected all the rules of balance when they created them as they gave him the power to destroy literally anyone with a single punch granted a lot of characters on this very list could destroy Saitama from a distance but if the one punch man got close enough to anyone they are toast to make him seem even more overpowered it’s been stated in the show that Saitama has a ton of unused potential as well but of course he never gets to show that to us because all of his fights end in you guessed it just one punch while Saitama may struggle against the more mystically powerful anime characters we would love to see him go up against the Incredible Hulk or any other superhero who relies primarily on their super strength.

Lain- This one may be a little bit shocking as Lain is actually a 14 year old girl that said Lain is basically God and she can do pretty much anything she wants she is omniscient and omnipresent and has limitless strength and durability since she can bend reality in any way she chooses essentially Lain can do anything that she could think of given that her omniscience means she knows everything in the universe the possibilities are virtually endless the overpowered god that his Superman may be a good matchup for Lain and although the anime character doesn’t have a kryptonite crutch of her own the one knock against her could be the fact that she doesn’t actually have much experience using her full capabilities or her powers that said if she could learn to harness those powers no superhero really stands a chance.

Zeno- Zeno is likely the most powerful character the anime universe has ever seen it’s not even really a close race and the only character that comes close to him is Lain but her powers are limited to one universe while Zeno’s transcends the multiverse don’t go judging Zeno bias measly childlike appearance looks as you know can be deceiving as this character is so powerful that no one really knows the true limits of his powers he can wipe out absolutely anything in the blink of an eye and once destroyed six entire universes just because he was in a bad mood Zeno doesn’t really fight but we have to think that if he did and nave use of his full range of powers there would be no superhero or superhero team that could even dream to stand up against this infinitely powerful animate god.

Goku- Not only is Goku one of the most iconic anime characters of all time he is also one of the strongest that the universe has ever seen Goku has destroyed a variety of foes in the anime world and even some planets along the way his Super Saiyan ability is especially Super Saiyan blue rendered the anime hero nearly indestructible Goku has been known to surpass even his own limit and we have to think that if he were pitted against pretty much any superhero whether Marvel DC or otherwise he would probably do all right now there’s a reason that Goku is one of the most popular anime characters of all time and that’s because he truly is kick-ass his popularity also maybe his greatest power as it makes him pretty hard to kill off without upsetting his fans around the world so there you have it there is our list of 10 anime characters more powerful than Super Heroes which anime character is your favorite what superhero do you think could beat up one of these powerful guys or gals sound off in the comments section below.

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  • 27 August 2021

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