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MHA- Bakugo Katsuki (Kacchan) Explosion Quirk!

Particular we’ll be setting our sights on Katsuki Bakugo and his quirk explosion so ever since the very beginning of the series Bakugo’s quirk has been heralded as an especially good one just about anyone and everyone has been able to recognize.

Katsuki Bakugo

It to be the case but why is that exactly well Bakugo’s body is capable of producing a nitroglycerin-like perspirant from the palms of his hands from there this substance may be detonated as he so pleases now this detonation can vary from simple flares and sparks to catastrophic destruction the more sweat the bigger the boom and Bakugo’s body is also extremely resilient to his own explosions albeit not to the extent of invulnerability and with these two aspects in tandem he is then able to achieve levels of bodily propulsion akin to momentary flight furthermore being able to traverse and maneuver exceptionally well even when completely suspended beyond all that bakugou having been so obsessed with his own quirk and overall strength has formulated a vast array of different special moves and attacks that may be applied to a variety of different circumstances which just goes to show just how versatile the quirk is now in the department of shortcomings and or weaknesses overexertion is certainly a looming drawback the larger and more frequent the explosion the quicker the degradation of his arms may become he can only keep things up for so long at maximum damage and once he’s beyond that threshold the remainder of his attributes begin to dwindle and suffer as well additionally seeing as.

Bakugo’s quirk largely depends on the production of sweat
 Bakugo’s quirk largely depends on the production of sweat being exposed to excessive cold reduces the size and speed to which he may output his explosions and finally disregarding his exceptional traversal and speed at the end of the day without support items he is far from being a ranged combatant in most cases closing that distance is no issue for him but in the case that it is he’s not looking so hot but with all that being said let us now commence the quirk evolution process first and foremost the fact that he can only create explosions by means of his hands is peculiar because although I’d love to see the guy have every part of his body be explosive ultimately his hands are capable of doing so due to the presence of specialized glands and with that my sort of compromise would be explosions by weight of his feet as well the skin present on the palms of the hands and soles of the feet are virtually the same and so with that I’d go as far as to argue that biologically such glands may be present in both bodily locations but maybe you’re now thinking to yourself that if this is the case why hasn’t Bakugo discovered as such just yet well the hands are very tactile mechanisms you may pick up and put things down with ease barely even giving it much thought but if you were asked to do the very same thing with your feet it would most likely require more effort and tactical contemplation.

Bakugo require more effort and tactical contemplation

It’s just harder to do now as for why this may be a worthwhile addition to his toolkit well I’d imagine his movements would have the potential to improve like fold along with his speed making him pretty much like a rocket or a warhead and this to me would be an amazing way to encapsulate Bakugo’s growth as a character while also preserving his placement as a top tier combatant similarly to deku’s epiphany that he can actually fight with his legs as well Bakugo could show his recognition of deku’s fighting style by way of explosive kicks going beyond even that we have the fact that on average human legs are around four times stronger than that of their arms meaning that he’d be able to bear even more extreme explosions with less strain on his joints next up we have the concept of remote explosives like we just said ultimately there is a slight range issue here but contrary to the general impression he may give off bajo is actually a pretty intelligent character and a very smart fighter and so the addition of more tricks to his toolkit could be major in theory.

Bakugo like a rocket or a warhead

He’d be able to touch a surface and have it act as a bomb waiting to be detonated this is plausible because of the fact that he secretes something like nitroglycerin a rather volatile contact explosive one that continually degrades with time to even more unstable and or deadly forms and all it would take to set things off would be sufficient friction and or pressure and boom a massive explosion i mean if he’s able to store his sweat in advance for his hero costume it’s all but confirmed to be a possibility i would also love to see an expanse on.

Bakugo advance for his hero costume

 Bakugo’s sensory assault as there are many quirks that depend on particular senses he already has his whole flashbang thing that certainly reminds me of the solar flare from the dragon ball series over stimulating the eyes and rendering targets blind temporarily but seeing as how he’s utilizing explosions he’d probably be able to throw off their hearing as well deafening them for some time with an incessant ringing to follow past that generally just growing to create explosions that are larger and faster to detonate is pretty much a given but worth mentioning as not all quarks have such a straightforward path of progression which to me is a perk in of itself but yeah guys this has been.

Bakugo’s sensory assault

Bakugo’s quirk evolution he has always been a top tier character as far as students go but with everyone growing and improving exponentially he can’t really afford to plateau and remain the same without change hopefully the furtherance of his emotional maturity will in some way be reflected by his combative capabilities as he expands his horizons and leaves the box he may have created for himself . That’s all for today friends, What’s you like about Bakugo tell me Comment if i miss please tell What point. 

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  • 27 August 2021

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