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The True End Of MHA Revealed – My Hero Academia Chapter 324! Uraraka and Deku

 Hii! guys this chapter of My Hero Academia was downright emotional with a number of callbacks to several early moments of the series with the previous chapter we up to the furtherance of a prior conversation between principal nezu endeavor and the students of class 1a at this point the subject of the U.A. barrier would be further discussed.

defense system

A defense system principal nezu was especially proud of as it boasts the defenses comparable to even Tartarus however as we all know Tartarus 2 was easily breached by Shigaraki but the difference here was that principal nezu and considering the potential threat posed by shigaraki made certain modifications to his defenses specifically with him in mind nezu was confident that the evacuees and students would not be harmed in the event of a villain invasion because U.A. now has the ability to travel essentially the school’s grounds have been broken down into different sections each with their own underground shelters shelters which may then be sent along a complicated network of channels furthermore the ground has now been fortified by around 3 000 layers of metallic plates if the system were to detect any abnormalities each plate would then become independently mobile and in theory delay any incoming attack as it turns out Shiketsu High was the first school to fortify the defenses in a similar manner to U.A. following the discovered infiltration of their school by way of Himiko toga.

Principal would agree there was no existing evidence
However it was peculiar to Tokoyami that the principal had prepared so thoroughly for such a use of decay when shigaraki himself had not been able to transmit it through objects previously to which he principal would agree there was no existing evidence for something like this he simply relied on his intuition a bit sketchy but fair enough he actually even covered the expenses out of pocket now in the present many civilians were furious towards the prospect of deku being harbored along with them there were attempts to quell them but to no avail that’s when Uraraka took the stage and began advocating for deku stay herself she tell them all to look at him to really look at him and the state he was in for the sake of protecting them that special powers are one thing but there is no such thing as a special person and to this first step principal nezu believed this to be the carving of a path along which the ultimate hero would arise from one who would surpass even all might himself with this latest chapter we open up to an early childhood memory of Uraraka’s now with her parents in the crowd she’ll recall how they always had an exhausted look on their faces something that she hated the alleviation of which being a major motivation behind her becoming a hero at all and once she watched heroes in action her attention would often shift to those watching them instead and as previously instructed by Uraraka many of the civilians would now look to deku he was clearly beaten up and looking pretty weathered at this point and furthermore the anthropomorphic woman he previously saved now emerged from the crowd to say that even after he had saved her he just kept on fighting but now still somewhat resistant a member of the crowd would question if Uraraka intended for them all to be covered in mud and grime like deku was as now with a booming response.
Hero with their blood and sweat
Uraraka would say that the only ones who would be made to take on these burdens would be the heroes that have just given some time they would the people in full with their blood and sweat her fellow classmates were now in awe either then telling deku that Uraraka is fighting too to make sure that he and everyone else can smile and this overwhelmed deku emotionally Uraraka would apologize to the people for their inability to guarantee their safety that truth be told they were just as afraid and in her mind she just wanted everyone to understand the lengths to which deku was willing to go for the sake of protecting them as he himself barely held on and here we would have shot of several heroes including Eraser Head in a hospital bed back to the flashback of her when she was little she was just so focused on the excitement of the crowd despite her father pointing her towards the presence of the hero themselves the crowd would cheer the hero on and then mimic his signature pose of victory and so with this the heroes and civilians had a somewhat symbiotic relationship they brought smiles to one another despite their situation and this overjoyed Uraraka to the point where she flailed her little arm so happily that she even bonked herself on the nose and here we would actually receive the answer to her ever looming question that when a hero is in need of saving when heroes are in need of saving we have to save the heroes and so she was calling for their full cooperation so they may all smile together tomorrow and at that point suddenly the thought of toga and her last interaction with her would come to mind for a moment perhaps in what was a bit of remorse as she hadn’t said what she should have in that instance but she would move past this and continue to ask a people to give deku time to rest and recover that deku was trying to carry the burden of his power on his own that he still has plenty to learn but at the same time he was just an ordinary high school student and now again the contrarian of the crowd would attempt to think of something to contest this in some way but Uraraka was not having it she would yell out for them to let deku stay at U.A. .
let him stay at the school as deku cried
 As we receive a shot of Uraraka’s acceptance in the U.A. and deku now dropping to his knees he could not help but think of his first time meeting her when she had saved him from falling now as his knees felt the ground. Uraraka would continue pleading with the people to let him stay at the school as deku cried and cried and at this point the woman he had previously saved was rushing through the crowd with her big self as many would just continue to look the once ever opposed citizen was now remaining silent as the civilian right next to him was the very same citizen who watched heroes in awe alongside deku at the very beginning of the series principal nezu would continue to observe speechless like many of the students Koda had just rushed off as well he ran through the crowd with tears in his eyes as he thought back to a moment with his aunt as she bought him a new pair of shoes a pair of red shoes he really wanted that bore a certain resemblance to the ones worn by his hero deku and as these two came to the rescue of their savior just as Uraraka had thought deku as a third party narrator like with the start of the series would say that this is a story of how he became the greatest hero.
How they all became the greatest heroes
And how they all became the greatest heroes and that was the chapter wow this is it guys this is what Uraraka’s character has been building towards since the very early days of the series i mean she has been pretty quiet all throughout their deku recovery efforts but now she has spoken and spoken well how do you feel about the fulfillment of her character and the next big thing would have to be deku’s decoration that this is the story of how they all become the greatest heroes now on one hand i can see how this may feel like a bit of a cop out or a detraction from deku rising to the top but after giving it some thought i am perfectly fine with this and that is because it is essentially what we have been saying on this channel since before the war arc even properly began that in its aftermath the heroes in training would all rise to the occasion and make a difference that minus all the frillier and gimmicks they would get down to it and get the job done as heroes should and in recognition of their predecessors and their failings would become even better heroes than the ones before them.

Deku’s entrance and what a wonderful way

So yes they will become the greatest heroes and at that there is not a negation to be had when it comes to the upcoming title of deku being number one hero i mean nezu in the previous chapter even said as much and he has overseen the development of some of the greatest heroes in the country’s history we have been in the same place for a little while now but i think this pretty much concludes the resistance of deku’s entrance and what a wonderful way to do it with such a flurry of emotions.
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