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5 Characters Who can Defeat Meruem

Today, we’re diving into the intricate world of Hunter x Hunter to answer a question that has sparked many debates among fans: Can anyone in the series actually defeat Meruem, the Ant King? While some may consider this an impossible task, we’ll explore five characters who, under specific circumstances, have a shot at taking down the seemingly invincible Meruem. But be prepared; these answers may not be what you expect.

1. Nanika (Alluka)

5 Characters Who can Defeat Meruem

Our first contender is Nanika, also known as Alluka. Nanika possesses a wish-granting ability, making it one of the most powerful abilities in the series. By simply wishing for Meruem’s demise, Nanika could eliminate him effortlessly. The catch is that the consequences of such a wish would be catastrophic, possibly leading to the deaths of many innocent people. However, from a power perspective, Nanika holds the upper hand, as even Meruem would be powerless against such a wish.

2. Ging Freecss

5 Characters Who can Defeat Meruem

Ging Freecss is often mentioned as a potential challenger to Meruem due to his incredible genius and Nen abilities. However, this argument is primarily based on speculation. While Ging is undoubtedly a remarkable character, we lack concrete information about his Nen abilities. Meruem’s overwhelming strength and Nen’s mastery would make any confrontation with Ging uncertain at best.

3. Camilla (Second Prince of Kakin)

5 Characters Who can Defeat Meruem

Camilla, the Second Prince of the Kakin Empire, possesses a dangerous Nen ability called “Cat’s Name.” This ability activates when Camilla is killed, transferring her killer’s life energy back to her, resulting in their death. To use this ability against Meruem, she would need to survive long enough to be killed by him, which depends on Meruem’s disposition at the time. While a difficult scenario, it remains possible.

4. Maha Zoldyck

5 Characters Who can Defeat Meruem

Maha Zoldyck is a character who is not widely known but possesses an intriguing ability called “Predator.” This ability implants a predator inside a target’s body, which evolves to become their natural predator. The catch is that it takes time and information about the target to work effectively. Against Meruem, it would be challenging but not impossible, as Meruem had limited Nen abilities. It’s a long shot but still within the realm of possibility.

5. Knov (and his ability “Scream”)

5 Characters Who can Defeat Meruem

Knov’s abilities “Hide and Seek” and “Scream” could theoretically provide a way to defeat Meruem. “Scream” instantly seals anyone Knov makes contact with into a pocket dimension, bypassing all defenses. The challenge would be landing this ability on Meruem, who is highly skilled and perceptive. However, with careful planning and some luck, Knov could theoretically succeed where others might fail.


While Meruem is undoubtedly one of the most potent characters in Hunter x Hunter, there are characters with unique abilities and circumstances that could potentially lead to his defeat. Keep in mind that these scenarios are highly speculative and unlikely to occur in the series. Nevertheless, in the intricate world of Nen and Hunter x Hunter, nothing is entirely impossible. So, who knows what surprises the future might hold in this beloved anime and manga series? Stay tuned for more exciting Hunter x Hunter content here at The New World Review!

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  • 7 September 2023

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