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All Of Naruto Chakra Modes Explained-Naruto / Naruto Shippuden / Boruto All



 Alright so naruto was a story with great progression from the character relationships to their abilities and power it all grew exponentially in this video specifically we’re going to take a look at all the forms of naruto starting with the very first transformation to his latest we will not be including the infamous sexy jutsu which came very early in the series.

screenshot 2021.08.25 10 04 05
sasuke was being absolutely destroyed until out

Naruto’s first notable transformation occurred a mere 16 episodes into the show’s airing specifically during the land of waves escort mission the very mission which not only brought us great characters like Zabuza and Haku but also the first appearance of Sasuke’s sharingan and of course Naruto’s initial transformation initially the final showdown on the bridge was a conflict between Zabuza Haku and the members of team 7 excluding naruto.

screenshot 2021.08.25 10 05 44
Naruto’s first notable transformation occurred a mere 16 episodes

This was an awful start sasuke was being absolutely destroyed until out of nowhere with an amazing curve as shuriken was thrown distracting Haku this was naruto now making an entrance into the conflict now naruto joining the fight ultimately ended up making things harder for sasuke he’d adapt and be able to dodge the needles fired off by Haku while naruto in the end was still unable to do this making him an easier target Haku would take advantage of both this and the fact that sasuke had been willing to protect naruto throughout the battle he would be lured towards a vulnerable naruto where he would succeed in protecting him however sasuke would sustain great injury doing so naruto would awaken and see a greatly wounded sasuke standing over him sasuke had taken the full damage to protect him initially shock would take over it seemed like this was the end for sasuke he even expressed how unfortunate it was that he wouldn’t be able to get revenge on his brother Itachi when asked why he did it sasuke would just chalk it up to instinct it really looked like sasuke would die here and i’m sure my kid self 100 thought he would nowadays they wouldn’t catch me so hard because you know pot armor but anyway from here naruto would rage immense amount of red chakra would swirl violently around naruto and he’d now show a face with demon foxlike features and explained that he was going to kill Haku his eyes had widened his whiskers had grown wild and his teeth had become more sharp and beast-like along with his fingernails from here the damage done previously by Haku would heal and naruto now essentially a raging beast would take off on all fours intent on killing Haku this kid now looked terrifying honestly more scary than Kurama himself with this new power he’d go on the offensive and very easily take over the fight between the increased power speed and healing capabilities Haku had no chance and literally gave up in the end what stopped naruto was the mask of Haku breaking off after a punch causing naruto to be shocked as he realized who this was.

screenshot 2021.08.25 10 11 43
initial form that would later be tamed through training with Jiraiya

 This was the initial form that would later be tamed through training with Jiraiya, naruto would then learn how to simply access the chakra without losing control of himself this was seen during the fight against Neji in the tuning exams for example when naruto had that man Kurama pay rent his wild features were not visible this time instead he just had immense amounts of chakra funny enough during this scene the third Hokage would even wonder when naruto had mastered the tail beast chakra little did he know there was much more to come later now this was definitely not the end of naruto to losing control but it simply meant it was now possible for him to use his power willingly from here though what we would see is the amount of power and loss of control increased with each tail added from one to three not too much changed more power per tail and more close to losing control but nothing too different.

boruto naruto nine tails 1194263

 During the infamous battle with sasuke the valley of the end Kurama would grant naruto access to even greater chakra than what we’d seen previously the chakra cloaked Naruto’s body and gave him a more foxlike shape this was referred to as the demon fox shroud during this date naruto became even more beast-like and demonic his eyes whiskers teeth and claws now became more wild than anything we’d seen previously arguably the best thing that came from this form and the ones that would follow it is the chakra cloak itself it would act as protection and as an extension of Naruto’s body allowing him to use it to hook onto things grab it sasuke and future enemies and overall have a more complex fighting style these chakra arms and claws would become major in future fights and really become a staple of the nine-tailed power overall.

screenshot 2021.08.25 10 19 32
The second and third tales are probably the creepiest

The second and third tales are probably the creepiest of the forms for me personally because of what the Akatsuki did to Gara absolutely bodying that man Naruto’s frustration grew and anger triggered his second tail transformation in the presence of kakashi the physical traits are for the most part the same as the previous forms however most notably his lips acquired a black outline similar to that of Kurama and this is the part that kind of creeps me out as well as the look we first see when he transforms with his rage in this form he’d destroy a good amount of trees and attempt to attack Kakashi but would be stopped by a seal beyond the lips in addition of a second tale another notable thing about this form is even Naruto’s clones couldn’t handle the chakra they were burning up and wincing in pain but beyond this point the addition of further tales would change naruto drastically in a feud with Orochimaru blinded by rage naruto would skip the third tale and instead grow the fourth chakra tale but in doing so he really lost control this time the image of Kurama grabbing hold of him was a great visual representation of this from here Kurama’s chakra would begin to burn away Naruto’s skin low key is super gross but also a pretty cool transformation the result of this transformation sequence would be a chakra fox basically everything about Naruto’s body changed he was just a wild mass of red chakra a ball of rage basically in this form the nine tails had complete control of an artist’s body he was an animal i can’t tell you how many anime’s i watched growing up with this scene this transformation had all the abilities of the previous ones but the power was even greater the most interesting attack used here is when it consumed an orb of chakra and then fired destroying Triple Rashōmon gates and that’s no easy feat when the four-tailed rampage was stopped naruto had to be quickly healed because his skin had burned away seeing this form really made us wonder what the future forms would look like and boy did they not disappoint but before we go further into the various tail beast forms of naruto.

560852 10736 naruto sage mode hd images wallpapers walops
sage mode 

Let’s talk about sage mode which gave us probably an all-time top 5 anime entrance naruto learned sage mode at Mount Myōboku with the toads and it made its debut in the fight against Pain during sage mode naruto has yellow irises and toe like pupils with an orange shade around his eyes sage mode is pretty special and is something like this that has a really enjoyable level of complexity to naruto making it more complicated.

Steam Workshop Naruto Meditation
order to enter sage mode

 Than just tail beast power for example in order to enter sage mode a somewhat inconvenient thing needs to be done the user must remain absolutely still and become one with nature if the user puts too little natural energy into using Senjutsu the technique will not work conversely if too much natural energy is taken in their body will turn to stone forever and we saw something like this happen during the pain invasion arc as well sage mode is all about balance funny enough i feel like when this stuff was airing i felt bored with the sage mode training but years later i became more able to appreciate the content i guess back then i just wanted to see fights all the time with sage mode attributes are increased all around including things like perception as well the user can for example sense chakra and attacks without even having their eyes open they also gained the ability to manipulate natural energy the biggest issue with sage mode is the need to stay still and gather energy however naruto had ways around doing this had he not found ways around it he wouldn’t have been able to maintain the form for so long my favorite method was to employ shadow clones the clones would gather natural energy elsewhere and the energy that had been gathered would then return to naruto it’s also possible to use a tail beast to gather natural energy but that stuff would come later also during the pain invasion arc where sage mode made an appearance so did these six and a tail forms things got ugly naruto had basically lost and was pinned to the ground 

bones that came from the six-tailed

When Hinata one of the few able people around came to challenge pain in a desperate attempt to save naruto she had no business fighting pain and with that being the case she was destroyed right in front of naruto and now believing Hinata to be dead after Pain stabbed her naruto lost control and entered the four-tailed form which then became the sixth tail form almost immediately in this form bones began to take shape on the chakra body that we mentioned earlier unlike the fourth tail form the six tail one was able to let off a massive chakra blast and this was much stronger too than the earlier one naruto at this point was pretty much lost he’d fallen apart he thought he’d lost everything and Kurama took advantage of this and weakened the seal allowing the forum to grow up to 8 tails now the eight tail form is much larger than anything we’d seen before it here muscles would form on the bones that came from the six-tailed one the body had everything except a knife tail skin and fur it really looked like the nine-tailed fox was about to make a full appearance in the middle of Pain’s invasion.

screenshot 2021.08.25 21 33 33
Minato would come save

Minato would come save the day naruto would meet his father and Guren’s attempt to ruin naruto would be foiled from here things are much happier the Nine-Tails Chakra Mode would be the first pure Jinchuriki form naruto managed to unlock he would need to accept his inner self and then defeat Kurama.

Naruto mother Kushina
mother Kushina

 This was done successfully thanks to his mother Kushina and killer bee the thing is though this was like taking Kurama’s chakra it was a selfish form in a way there was no true agreement between the two this form was beautiful though when it first appeared Naruto’s speed was just incredible it was comparable to Minato and hey i guess he took advantage of that because the man was running across the whole world going battlefield to battlefield in this war this was a weak form compared to what would later come but it got much more screen time than the others due to this of course being the end of the series.

Kurama mode 1st appearance

Basically up next would be Kurama mode this will be the complete version of the prior form it came about during the fight against all the tale beast and was the product of gaining Kurama’s complete cooperation it’s like the initial Nine tail chakra form but better and hey i guess you could argue cooler after earning the nine tails cooperation naruto would do just the coolest thing ever combine stage mode with his tail beast mode while this is happening the tail beast eye merges with the sage mode eye pattern creating a design kind of like a cross the design of Naruto’s cloak also changes during this and while using the combined form naruto gains simultaneous access to both forms as advantages such as augmenting tail beats attack would send you to chakra the combination of both forms would allow for greater power than either one alone and this is just something i overall wish we could have seen more during the series but again this was kind of the end it’s also worth noting that once a genshirki has balance with their Tail beast they can speed up the necessary time that it takes to gather natural energy tail beats can also assist their Jinchuriki in gathering natural energy with their own chakra reserves up.


screenshot 2021.08.25 22 02 56
Next is the final form in the main naruto series

Next is the final form in the main naruto series six paths sage mode a transformation gifted by Hagoromo Ōtsutsuki it significantly enhanced Naruto’s abilities as would allowed him to even compete against Madara and Kaguya in the end Naruto’s jutsu while using this form are augmented with larger amounts of natural energy to make them even stronger with this power in are to gain a masterful grasp of chakra and the ability to comprehend all universal things and that is not exactly clear but i guess you could just say naruto became a master of all things chakra.

screenshot 2021.08.25 22 05 06
It’s also worth noting that the Nine tail shocker mode 

 It’s also worth noting that the Nine tail shocker mode can be combined with the sage path mode making even greater things possible now lastly and most recently we have Naruto’s final form which made an appearance in the Boruto manga baryon mode the process is similar to nuclear fusion naruto and Kurama’s chakra are consumed as raw materials to produce a new type of energy when in use baryon mode dramatically boost Naruto’s reflexes speed and power to such extremes that he became able to really fight Ishiki and this fight led to what i called at the time naruto Mayweather because it was just a straight boxing match now this form was consuming naruto and Kurama’s chakra at the same time but also Ishiki’s because all chakra is connected and so with contact Ishiki’s chakra was also drained as well it was a battle of endurance baryon mode is extremely dangerous in case you can’t already tell overdoing it gradually drains the user’s strength and their lifespan because of this extreme risk naruto had to stay focused and avoid unnecessary thoughts and movements it kind of reminded me of ultra instinct the thing is they did push its limits and the cost of the form looked to be Naruto’s life but instead it was Kurama’s and that’s what made this definitely Naruto’s finals Jinchuriki form and potentially his final form in general a very sad thing for us all to witness but it was the sacrifice of victory and with that we have all the canon transformations of naruto which one is your favorite and what do you think of Naruto’s.

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Terminator Zero



Terminator Zero

The Terminator franchise is one of the longest-standing pillars of science fiction, exciting audiences with constant action, complex character development, and themes since day one. In this respect, when news broke for “Terminator Zero” as the upcoming entry in this beloved franchise, the internet was set ablaze by feverish musings. What follows is some background info on the franchise, such as the concept and setting of “Terminator Zero,” its plot unfoldings, themes, visuals, and the possible impact of the movie.

Background of the Terminator Franchise

Overview of the Franchise

In 1984, the journey of the Terminator Saga began by James Cameron’s blockbuster “The Terminator,” within the domain of which it harbored a cyborg assassin in T-800 and human resistance in the unyielding person of Sarah Connor and her son John Connor. Since then, this franchise has expanded to as many sequels, TV shows, comic books, and video games as possible, building up an immense tapestry about man versus machine.

Key Themes and Elements

Central to the Terminator series are themes of artificial intelligence, the ethical implications of technology, and the struggle for humanity’s survival against seemingly insurmountable odds. These themes are explored through intense action sequences, memorable characters, and a dark, dystopian vision of the future.


What is Terminator Zero?

Concept and Setting

“Terminator Zero” is the newest model of creation within the Terminator universe, designed with intents to further flesh out lore while adding new elements and characters. “Terminator Zero” is set in a timeline that occurs before the first movies and narrates the dawn of organized human resistance and the first tries of developing the Skynet AI system.

Connection to the Existing Franchise

While “Terminator Zero” will set up new characters with new storylines, it is inherently part of the existing franchise, delving into the origins of Skynet, the most fearsome AI system against humanity, and providing one with a view of the early stages of resistance that paved the way for the gigantic battles in earlier works.

Plot and Storyline

Main Plot Points

The plot of “Terminator Zero” deals with the discovery of the nascent Skynet project by a cell of early resistance fighters. While trying to sabotage the AI before it comes under its own power, they encounter some rather daunting obstacles, including advanced prototypes for the Terminator units that will become so infamous in the future. The story will balance high-stakes action with deeper explorations into the motivations and struggles of the characters.


Terminator Zero

Key Characters

  • Alex Carter: A former military officer turned resistance leader, Alex is determined to stop Skynet at any cost.
  • Dr. Elena Reyes: A brilliant scientist who originally worked on the Skynet project but becomes a crucial ally to the resistance when she realizes the dangers of her creation.
  • : An early model of the shape-shifting Terminator, posing a significant threat to the resistance fighters.

Themes and Motifs

Technology and Humanity

“Terminator Zero” will more deeply show the sophisticated alliance between technology and humanity. It is going to argue some moral issues of using artificial intelligence and certain dangers of allowing highly developed technologies to get into the wrong hands.

Survival and Resistance

At its core, “Terminator Zero” is a story of survival and resistance. The struggle of the characters against an impending threat of artificial intelligence serves as a parallel to the human spirit’s capacity for resilience and will in the wake of existential danger.

Visuals and Special Effects

Cinematic Style

The cinematic style of “Terminator Zero” will still be familiar to grounds that founded the franchise, delivering dark and gritty visuals representative of a world in desolation—just a few steps from technological apocalypse. The film will blend practical effects with state-of-the-art CGI for Pindy and realistic action.

Technology and Effects

Because of how modern the technology for visual effects currently is, there will be a lot of truly great special effects in “Terminator Zero,” an extra special regard to the representations of early Terminator models and the growing Skynet system. These visuals will further the storytelling by bringing to life the high-tech elements of a plot.


Anticipated Reception and Impact

Fan Expectations

For the “Terminator Zero” movie, the Terminator series-established fanbase wants a movie that moves the franchise’s legacy further by being soaked in the sci-fi and action movie legacy of the previous ones while instilling new thrills in telling an exciting story. The initial word-of-mouth raises feelings of excitement over the possibility of this film’s ability to stretch the lore of the Terminator and flesh out new facets in the story.

Potential Influence on the Franchise

If it works, “Terminator Zero” could very well set the course for the future of this angst-ridden franchise. It will open the way for more prequels or even spin-offs that delve deeper into the origins and evolution of the human-machine conflict.

Release Information

Release Date and Platforms

Slated for a release on [exact date of release], “Terminator Zero” will make its way into theaters and larger streaming platforms for maximal accessibility.


Marketing and Promotion

The “Terminator Zero” marketing campaign includes trailers, behind-the-scenes footage, and a lot of interactive online content to really engage with the fans and build anticipation. There are going to be tons of ad placements, especially within social media, touting the movie to the fan base worldwide.


“Terminator Zero” is the promising addition that will bring in exciting and impactful serial entries to the Terminator saga, shedding a new light on the beginnings of this human-machine conflict, with the required doses of intense action and gripping storyline. As we await its release with bated breath, so does the anticipation of what may eventually prove to be a milestone chapter in the “Terminator” saga.

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Kimi ni Todoke: From Me to You Season 3



Kimi ni Todoke: From Me to You

“Kimi ni Todoke: From Me to You” has been a beloved anime series that has touched the hearts of many with its charming characters and heartfelt story. With the announcement of Season 3, fans are eagerly anticipating the continuation of Sawako and Kazehaya‘s journey. This article will provide an overview of what to expect from Season 3, including a recap of previous seasons, key themes, character growth, and more.

Overview of Kimi ni Todoke: From Me to You

Plot Summary

“Kimi ni Todoke: From Me to You” follows Sawako Kuronuma, a high school girl who is often misunderstood due to her resemblance to the character Sadako from the horror movie “The Ring.” Despite her shy and awkward nature, Sawako dreams of making friends and leading a normal high school life. Her world changes when she befriends the popular and kind-hearted Shota Kazehaya, which sets her on a path of self-discovery and new relationships.

Main Characters

The series features a rich cast of characters, each adding depth and charm to the story:



  • Sawako Kuronuma: The shy and misunderstood protagonist who gradually opens up and makes friends.
  • Shota Kazehaya: The popular and friendly boy who becomes Sawako’s first true friend and love interest.
  • Chizuru Yoshida: A tough yet caring friend who stands by Sawako through thick and thin.
  • Ayane Yano: A mature and perceptive friend who supports Sawako and provides valuable advice.

Recap of Seasons 1 and 2

Key Events

In Seasons 1 and 2, we witness Sawako’s transformation from a lonely girl to someone who forms meaningful friendships and finds love. Key events include:

  • Sawako’s growing friendship with Kazehaya, Chizuru, and Ayane, which boosts her confidence.
  • The budding romance between Sawako and Kazehaya, marked by sweet and awkward moments.
  • Various school events and challenges that Sawako and her friends face together, strengthening their bonds.

Character Development

Sawako’s character development is central to the series, showcasing her journey from isolation to becoming a confident and beloved friend. Kazehaya’s kindness and patience play a crucial role in her growth, while Chizuru and Ayane’s unwavering support help her navigate social challenges.

Anticipations for Season 3

Story Continuation

Season 3 will pick up where Season 2 left off, continuing to explore the developing relationship between Sawako and Kazehaya. Fans can expect more heartwarming and emotional moments as they navigate the complexities of high school romance and personal growth.

Character Growth and New Relationships

The new season will delve deeper into the personal growth of all main characters. Viewers can look forward to new relationships forming and existing ones evolving. The challenges and misunderstandings that the characters face will lead to significant development and stronger bonds.

Themes and Story Arcs

Love and Friendship

The core themes of love and friendship will remain prominent in Season 3. The series beautifully portrays the ups and downs of teenage relationships, making it relatable and engaging for viewers.


Overcoming Misunderstandings

Misunderstandings and miscommunications have been recurring themes throughout the series. Season 3 will see characters working through these issues, leading to more mature and deeper connections.

Visuals and Animation

Art Style

“Kimi ni Todoke” is known for its soft and expressive art style, which complements the emotional and heartwarming nature of the story. The delicate and detailed character designs enhance the overall viewing experience.

Animation Quality

The animation quality in previous seasons has been consistently high, and fans can expect the same level of care and attention to detail in Season 3. The fluid animations and expressive character movements will continue to bring the story to life.


Release Information

Release Date and Platforms

Season 3 of “Kimi ni Todoke: From Me to You” will be available on Netflix. While the exact release date has not been announced, fans can stay tuned for updates from Netflix and the official series’ channels.

Episode Count

The episode count for Season 3 has yet to be confirmed, but it is expected to follow a similar format to the previous seasons, providing a comprehensive continuation of the story.


“Kimi ni Todoke: From Me to You” Season 3 is set to deliver more of the heartfelt and relatable storytelling that fans have come to love. As Sawako, Kazehaya, and their friends continue their journey, viewers can look forward to an engaging and emotionally satisfying season. With themes of love, friendship, and personal growth at its core, Season 3 promises to be a must-watch for fans of the series and newcomers alike. Stay tuned for more updates and prepare for another heartwarming season of “Kimi ni Todoke.

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Who is Mio in Moonlit Fantasy?



Who is Mio in Moonlit Fantasy?

In the captivating world of “Tsukimichi: Specifically, in the scene called ‘Moonlit Fantasy,’ which is rather revealing, the audience gets a glimpse of the multilayered aspect of Mio. She is one of the main characters and also well-known for her powerful strength and to some extent has a developed character. Mio, or the protagonist of the story, an aspect of Mio, and the activities of the story’s protagonist Makoto Misumi and the story as the basis for this article.

Character Overview of Mio

Who is Mio?

Tsukimichi: Moonlit Fantasy

Mio is one of the main characters in “Tsukimichi: Magical Girl Moonlit Fantasy. ” She is a mysterious antagonist in the beginning but turns into one of Makoto Misumi’s best friends. Her character evolves from evil and terrifying to loyal and faithful, which makes it interesting to follow her development.

Origin and Background

Mio was originally a fearsome black spider, known for her insatiable hunger and formidable strength. Feared by many, she roamed the world, causing destruction in her path. Her life takes a dramatic turn when she encounters Makoto Misumi, leading to a significant shift in her destiny.

Mio’s Abilities and Powers

Combat Skills

Mio is one of the strongest Contractors and has incredible strength and agility. According to herself, Mio claims to be the strongest with no others matching her in battle. She is skilled in close-range and long-range combat and uses her ability to casually defeat enemies.


Unique Abilities

One of the most striking skills Mio has is that of manipulation of threads and webs with an unreal level of precision. This kind of manipulation aided the trapping, binding, and cutting of opponents, adding a characteristic strategic note to her combat. Furthermore, her regenerative powers grant her the potential of being strong in battle and coming back from injuries.

Evolution of Her Powers

Mio’s powers continue to evolve throughout the series. After forming a contract with Makoto, her abilities are further enhanced, and she gains new strengths. Her bond with Makoto not only amplifies her powers but also brings about a significant change in her personality and goals.

Mio’s Role in Tsukimichi: Moonlit Fantasy

Relationship with Makoto Misumi

Mio’s relationship with Makoto is central to her character development. Initially attacking him, she eventually submits to his overwhelming power and forms a contract with him. This relationship transforms her from a solitary and destructive creature to a devoted and protective ally. Her loyalty to Makoto is unwavering, and she becomes one of his most trusted companions.


Interactions with Other Characters

Mio’s interactions with other characters are also significant. Her fierce personality often intimidates others, but her loyalty to Makoto earns her the respect and admiration of those around them. Her relationship with Tomoe, another of Makoto’s companions, is particularly notable, as it evolves from rivalry to mutual respect and camaraderie.

Character Development

Initial Persona

At the beginning of the series, Mio is depicted as a terrifying and insatiable monster. Her primary motivation is to satisfy her endless hunger, leading her to attack anyone she encounters. This initial portrayal emphasizes her strength and the fear she instills in others.

Growth and Transformation

This encounter with Makoto makes Mio’s character grow up a little. Entering into a contract with him doesn’t affect her physically but mentally and emotionally as well. She starts showing feelings of loyalty, the urge to protect him, etc. The motivation of satiation through food changes now to companionship and protection; hence, this transition becomes vital in her development of character and adds to her persona.


Impact on the Story

Influence on Plot Progression

Mio is, hence, an instrumental factor in the plot progression of “Tsukimichi: Moonlit Fantasy.” Her abilities and actions bring out important changes in the direction of the story. Her loyalty and support enable Makoto to have the will and confidence to overcome many hurdles. Furthermore, her relations with other characters and participation in events that are of importance are engines that move the plot forward.

Key Events Involving Mio

Several key  events in the series highlight Mio’s importance:

  1. Formation of the Contract: This event marks a turning point in Mio’s life and sets the stage for her transformation and loyalty to Makoto.
  2. Battles and Conflicts: Mio’s combat skills are showcased in various battles, demonstrating her crucial role in overcoming adversaries and protecting her companions.
  3. Personal Growth Moments: Instances where Mio reflects on her past and her bond with Makoto provide insight into her character development and the changes she undergoes.


Mio, from “Tsukimichi: Moonlit Fantasy,” is an interesting and attractive character, for her development from feared monster to a reliable ally is more than impressive. Her monstrous powers, sundry development of character, and effect on the storyline prove that she is definitely integral to the series. The development of Mio throughout the game, through her relationship with Makoto and her interactions with other characters, helped add depth and richness to the narrative, making her one of the more well-liked characters and a real help to the storyline.

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