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Ultra Instinct Goku vs Ultra Ego Vegeta -Vegeta Beats Goku?

 So very recently in the dragon ball super manga Vegeta in his fight against the strongest mortal in universe 7 granola unveiled to us a brand new transformation that was all his own ultra ego a power not to be confused with that of goku’s ultra instinct and with these two characters now undergoing divergent paths of progression the question of how they might fare against one another at this point is certainly worth considering in fact it’s actually been quite a while since these two have fought one another at all.

Vegeta and Goku

The last time being at the very beginning of the Broly film and at the time Goku was still rather inexperienced in his usage of ultra instinct to the point where he could not even call upon the power properly but yeah this last time between them was a sparring match and prior to that they seemed to have plenty of those but ever since Goku truly began to get a grasp of ultra instinct their training became separated and that’s for good reason with ultra instinct being a technique derived from the angels to take Goku to that next level Whis was there to train him however because Vegeta’ very nature defied the tenets of the technique he had very little chance of ever accessing it and this was a situation that Beerus could somewhat relate to as even he himself lacks complete mastery of the technique despite his absurdly long lifespan and so in a fit of shared frustration Beerus decides to provide Vegeta with a bit of destruction training and interestingly enough destruction is something that Goku actually attempted to make use of during the Goku black arc but failed now for the sake of fairness ultra ego is a very new development and so there may be certain aspects of it that we are not entirely aware of just yet but considering the fact that it was able to push granola to an extent similar to that display by goku’s ultra instinct i don’t believe that it is too unreasonable to compare the two now the fundamental properties of these two abilities are especially different with ultra instinct avoidance and evasion are paramount whereas with ultra ego it is more like acceptance and aggression.

Vegeta wants to be hit as
It Vegeta wants to be hit as it makes him even stronger and at that i would say that this form is one that absolutely requires resistance or opposition because it is rooted in the very essence of sane biology a degree of thrill and or desperation is a necessity this is not something that may be used haphazardly but at the same time one might be able to argue that perhaps a degree of self-induced harm may suffice in upping its strength and fair enough but we have to remember the sort of character that we are dealing with here Vegeta is not about to use this on just anybody because at this point the list of combatants that can actually challenge him in universe 7 is a very short one if he’s not pressured by an opponent to begin with then there is no reason for him to harm himself for the sake of powering up adversity is one thing but if he’d had to go to such lengths to have a good time it’s probably not worth his time to begin with meanwhile you have ultra instinct which is a power that may be applied to any of goku’s forms and in theory should always be active like in the case of the angels and so from a practical sense ultra instinct is vastly superior but even still at this current point in goku’s development his use of it is extremely limited.

Goku and Vegeta are growing more
Yes he may apply it to any of his forms even base but the moment he’s met by any complicated strategy that requires consideration and thought he is liable to losing it and becoming vulnerable not only that but he still hasn’t completely mastered ultra instinct in tandem with his super Saiyan transformations due to just how diametrically opposed the aggression required of super Saiyan is to the neutrality required of ultra instinct now we thoroughly discussed everything Goku can currently do with ultra instinct in a previous video so i suggest you go and check that one out for a bit more depth and contextual explanation but Goku can do a lot of outlandish things with ultra instinct beyond just simply dodging in its white haired form which is ultra instinct perfected he actually hits really hard and is even capable of telekinesis cloning enhanced defense and spiritual projection ultra ego on the other hand hasn’t shown us all too much just yet beyond hitting very hard but it also seems to increase Vegeta’s defense a whole lot as despite suffering a good amount of damage he was able to withstand a number of direct hits from granola without being knocked out of it direct hits which absolutely destroyed Goku regardless of what form of ultra instinct he adopted one direct hit to the chest was enough to knock Goku out of his most powerful form and from there he was rendered unconscious for quite some time and even when he got back up he was still in critical condition and in need of immediate healing. 
with ultra ego Vegeta’s hits are likely

I would argue that with ultra ego Vegeta’s hits are likely to at the very least be comparable if not more powerful than these and perhaps they won’t be as calculated in their delivery but for the most part if you’re hit by a truck does it really matter where on your body you’re hit it’s still going to hurt and you know what i gotta be honest with you at first when considering all this i was under the impression that this would be a clean sweep for Goku on account of all that he has under his belt when it comes to ultra instinct but upon closer inspection Vegeta is kinda stacked right now ultra instinct has a lot of extra abilities to it but truthfully none of them actually matter against Vegeta because he has access to spirit fission clones and giant spirit mechs are pretty much worthless and with that Vegeta’s key control is absurdly good and that seems to be what he’s been mostly building up as of late whereas Goku with ultra instinct has had physicality be his primary focus and if you notice when Goku enters true ultra instinct he doesn’t really use ki blasts much at all in fact with the manga he’s only ever done it once meanwhile with ultra instinct sign the precursor to proper ultra instinct he actually did it a fair bit which i feel may have been for the sake of making up for its lacking physical power and now looking back to Vegito with ultra ego he is able to apply destruction properties to massive spheres of Ki and packs quite a punch and so with all this in mind at least for me if these two were to go head-to-head with their absolute best right now Goku would more than likely claim a lot of the fight’s early momentum he’d be evading Vegeta’s hits and subsequently delivering his own but right now goku’s ability to maintain this form is severely limited as he battle rages on his stamina would dwindle and at that point despite having suffered a great deal of damage Vegeta would be far stronger than he began Goku would have a very hard time closing things out while Vegeta would finally begin to get the upper hand and land some sizeable blows and so for right now at least i feel that Vegeta would emerge victorious with ultra ego with that being said however because ultra instinct is a technique with a far clearer path of progression considering its angelic origins it may very well stand to have a higher power ceiling in the long run but at the same time i wonder if the cumulative power increases of Vegeta in this form may be retained to some degree even when he returns to base and i say this because its transformation and its power is in fact so thoroughly tied to his Saiyan power so in theory its growth should in fact remain to some extent but we’ll just have to wait and see if that is truly the case or not but in regards to progression although ultra ego may be unique to Vegeta being a sort of reaction between his saying genetics and the power of a god of destruction.

Is unwise to doubt a Saiyan’s power

He still has a long way to go in his training under Beerus so who knows how far this may end up going for him after all it is unwise to doubt a Saiyan’s power but yeah guys that just about does it for the discussion i imagine this sort of thing may be a tad bit controversial to some part , lets speak further in more in next one.

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  • 26 August 2021

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