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Deku Unlocks All His Quirks!? Finally His Full Power – My Hero Academia

Let’s get into this so with the chapter we followed the likes of Yo Shindo and Tatami Nakagame two senior hero corps students at Ketsubutsu Academy High School we first met during the provisional license exam arc intending to fulfill their civic duty they had entered an endangered zone in hopes of convincing the remaining populists to evacuate and take shelter at their school however the civilians weren’t having it as they no longer possessed any faith in the now tattered mecca of heroics regardless of however strong these kids propose themselves to be having now failed the two would leave just as he likes a muscular.

Yo Shindo and Tatami Nakagame two senior hero corps students at Ketsubutsu Academy

Who’d left from building to building would descend and crash towards them full of murderous intent tatami would rush back to the civilians while Yo Shindo was left to face the fiend in what was a bloody and downright overwhelming battle one that nearly saw his demise but just then entering behind a massive blow it was deku now prepared and ready to save the day.

Canonical one perhaps this is an aspect of one for all

A canonical one perhaps this is an aspect of one for all afforded to those without quirks seeing as that’s a similarity particularly focused upon as of late and as cool as that would be i highly doubt it to be the case considering we do get to see him without the mask at the end of the chapter and his eyes look pretty normal regardless having deku actually use the mass aspect of his costume is pretty nice and again muscular was just so overjoyed to see deku here as he was sick of beating down fodder and wanted a real challenge he tell deku not to run away as he broke down a rock in his hand and interestingly enough it wasn’t as if he had plots of revenge on his mind or anything of the sort he’s not the type of villain that has a grandiose plan or vision at least not anything worth talking extensively about it’s just as simple as he likes to use his quirk as he pleases that perhaps he would have been satisfied by a good old rampage before but like a junkie who’s just discovered a new high after facing the likes of deku he could never turn back from that sort of thrill and this Deku would say all this as he casually embedded the rocky crush into his empty eye socket as it bled from the insertion now this move was many levels of deranged but boy does it serve to be an incredible characterization i mean the sheer fact that he was able to crush such a large piece of rubble into a nearly perfect size with such expedience makes.


converse with the past possessors

It clear just how precisely he is able to control his own strength and that is downright chilling following this he would in an instant leap in deku’s direction but not directly towards him but rather towards the building as he would upheld the top of it entirely as if he was just popping the trunk of a car muscular wanted his rematch and he wanted it now and at this point an incredible amount of smoke was overtaking the area as deku would swiftly pass Shindo over to Tatami. deku would then tell her to get him some immediate care and that they don’t need to worry about any more casualties to come she would agree but was unsure of who she was speaking to despite the familiarity of his voice on account of all the smoke and because of this with the exception of muscular here the secrecy of deku’s identity would be preserved for the time being but now leaping back into the action deku would wonder to himself if he had gone a bit overboard as just then the sixth user of one for all would apparats this being within deku’s mind but as a sort of projected form perhaps for the sake of his own sanity a really cool addition that makes it so he’s never truly alone despite his newfound solitude from here and would express that deku has used too much of his smokescreen quirk as in this way it may serve to be used against him as it’s not something he can retract or take back and at that we just casually get a new quark drop from deku which is very interesting does that mean he has all the quirks at his disposal and we’re just gonna be seeing them trickle in here and there as the story progresses because again we still don’t know how his arms and legs are not just completely decimated and so it is quite possible that deku does in fact have all his quirks and even if he doesn’t at the very least he must know of them all as he has had the opportunity to converse with the past possessors.

All of which were instructed by the founder to elaborate

All of which were instructed by the founder to elaborate for him but furthermore and would express that deku may be leaning on the power of one for all too much causing him to make avoidable mistakes which may be interpreted as just because you have the power doesn’t mean you have to use it in its fullest at all times rein it in and consider its application a sword is a lethal weapon indeed but it is thanks to masterful hands that has been able to afford such prestige throughout the ages that even despite the eligibility provided by his quirk lessness he still possesses a major burden as the current wielder that most importantly he shouldn’t let the power use his body but instead have things be the other way around one for all is incredible but it should not be a crutch that he should instead think of his quirks more like the support items he currently has in his possession which is also fascinating we have a crime radio to represent danger sense rope indicative of black whip a jet pack related to float and a smoke bomb for his latest quirk i’m certainly a fan of this and if nothing else this serves to emphasize his difference from all might in the sense that support items never really worked for that guy but to go into more depth about this jetpack it’s probably the most high-tech piece of equipment he has on him so where does it come from exactly well seeing as so many hero agencies have now shut down it is possible that deku looted it from one such unattended arsenal if not that well at this point support items aren’t too hard to come by these days seeing as even civilians are able to possess them at this point but why a jet pack well if you remember back during the ua sports festival during the cavalry battle Hatsune had equipped his team with a jet pack under the pretense of Uraraka’s zero gravity quark a quirk so similar to float and personal application that it was used to help deku in his training so with this in mind i can imagine why a jet pack would make sense for him now leaping and hopping about like an edgy rabbit deku had successfully suffused the surrounding area with heaps and heaps of smoke effectively serving to limit muscular vision tremendously on top of the fact that he only possesses one eye from there he’d hone in on his own memories of muscular and begin to evade his attacks with danger sense which is probably my new favorite ability of his something that has only gotten cooler with this instance and i say this because that remark about recounting their previous engagement to me implies a more precise and refined avoidance based on experience and so the more familiar deku may be with an adversary the more reliable and or acute his danger sense may be not to mention the fact that his danger sense seems to possess a degree of recognition when in proximity to a familiar danger in the case of muscular prior to the first clash of this battle which is to imply that the range of this thing is absurd as well i mean guys remember when Bakugo clowned deku for only receiving bottom of the barrel quirks yeah that one for all supercharge is no joke because danger sends is amazing but after evading so well deku would employ black whip and grip onto muscular and with its ridiculous strength pull him right into a wall with ease as deku himself remained aloft thanks to float now at this point muscular in response to this was a bit annoyed that deku was to him using a bunch of annoying tricks with this deku would swoop down and begin his interrogation in regards to the current locations of shigaraki and all for one and listen between his use of danger sense and black whip deku is really looking like spider-man with the venom suit on but now especially considering that shot of him standing on the gargoyle a couple chapters back the way he dropped down here with that mean look in his eyes asking questions i could not help but see my guy batman muscular had no idea where shigaraki rl41 may be and didn’t really care he was told to do as he pleases when he was freed and that’s what he’s been doing he isn’t interested in small talk and instead simply wanted to go head to head with deku now despite the employ of these many new quirks muscular wasn’t fascinated by them in the slightest what he wants as a muscle head is a straight up strength test and with this still restraining him with black whip deku would begin to ask muscular why it is he does what he does as muscular would respond that it’s how he lives his life to the fullest which prompted deku to ask if there’s not another path he might be able to take now using his true name as opposed to his villainous one but just then muscular would refuse and begin to swell breaking free of black whip’s grasp again he was not here to talk but even still deku would recount his prior sentiments towards shigaraki and the others that he’s faced that perhaps if he understood them things could turn out differently but then he would think of Shota who had lost his parents to this monster a kid who now admires him greatly he’d think of the scared child deep within the mass murderer that is shigaraki it’s a difficult and complicated issue that despite his good intentions isn’t something that can be figured out so soon especially not in the midst of battle but as expected this is something that he’ll need to consider and work through before he tries to do so with shigaraki otherwise he’ll go in having no choice but to end his life deku would then tell muscular that a rematch was pointless but even still muscular was not backing down as suddenly his body began to look shredded.

Shindo’s vibration truly did deal a massive blow

All the wrong ways deku had cut the tendons of the guy’s muscle fibers that after being brutalized to such extremes they couldn’t help but unravel and tear deku wasn’t just engaging in this fight straight on with pure physicality he was back to his tactical analysis as previously he had noticed muscular’s decision to attack the building instead of facing him directly ascertaining that Shindo’s vibration truly did deal a massive blow muscular could not be satisfied with this he wanted a real fight his power versus deku’s as deku would give him just that with a staggering hit to the gut as he’d make it clear that this is his power a conclusion that took him so long to come to but now he fully embraces it and that was the chapter man shout out to horikoshi for delivering this incredible story to us week after week .

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