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How Strong Is Bell Cranel? | Danmachi – Bell’s Abilities

 So let’s use Bell’s leveling path as an example to better understand how it actually works bringing us to the main topic of how strong Bell has become since the series began before meeting Ais, Bell had no skills no magic and the lowest ranked stats in pretty much everything. 

It was only after being saved by her that everything changed his next update showed a slight increase in both strength and dexterity but his agility is what went up the most likely because of all the running away he’d been doing as you’ll soon see the stat that gets buffed the most is always dependent on the action Bell has taken so if Bell is always running away then his agility will be the stat that shows the most significant improvement if it’s something else like taking damage then his defense will be the stat that shows the improvement instead that’s just how it works in any case this encounter with eyes also triggered the manifestation of Bell’s first skill.

 Liaris Freese-  Is the very thing that allows him to improve so quickly so long as he maintains a desire to become as strong as Ais, Bell will continue to possess an accelerated rate of growth directly proportional to those feelings so what this means is that the more that bell wants to reach Ais’s level the faster he will grow at the time of being saved by her that yearning was only at its beginning but the effects were already evident after his second update you see the first time bell returned to the dungeon after meeting ice almost all his stats went up an entire rank then it was after being humiliated at the bar that his desire to reach Ais grew.

After being humiliated at the bar that his desire to reach Ais

Even more that’s why the night he spent fighting monsters in the dungeon increased all his stats and entire rank yet again more than doubling the total numerical value of his stats from what it was the day before.

Once again doubling the total sum of his overall ability

 Bell’s next update came after he had beaten the silverback had his stats been slightly higher then this could have very well been the feat needed to push him to level 2 but because his stats were so low going into the fight it wasn’t quite enough to get him there instead his strength dexterity and agility all went up two ranks. Once again doubling the total sum of his overall ability.

Normally take any regular adventurer several months

For Context- Is something that would normally take any regular adventurer several months to do but for Bell only took a matter of days that’s just how much faster his rate of growth is it was a few days after the silverback incident that bell would meet lily and do some more runs in the early floors of the dungeon one thing to note about his current stats is that this is the range where most adventurers start to consider leveling they usually get to the DRB rank and everything then immediately try to complete the level up process with some sort of spectacular feat this is because a lot of adventurers don’t want to waste their time gaining Excelia that counts for less you see the grind to bring their stats to the rank of a or s is a long and strenuous one it requires exponentially more Excelia for every subsequent letter not to mention that in order to keep gaining Excelia you also need to be fighting progressively stronger opponents as well so most adventurers would rather level up as soon as possible and get that quick boost in stats then risk fighting stronger enemies at a lower level for a marginal return to them boosting lower level stats isn’t worth putting off boosting higher level stats even though in the long run it would be more beneficial to their overall power the time commitment it takes to do that is simply just too much i mean it could take months or even years to get from a to s so why bother waiting when you can just get an immediate power boost while still being at the d-rank that’s the mindset that pretty much every adventurer has although for Bell may seem like he likes to wait he doesn’t necessarily see the benefits of waiting to level up either his stats kind of automatically max out as a byproduct of his Liaris Freese ability it’s something that will become very evident once you see his stats from after beating the minotaur but before that bell had gone back to the dungeon numerous times with lily.

He also obtained the swift strike magic

 He also obtained the swift strike magic

Firebolt up until now Bell’s magic

Firebolt up until now Bell’s magic stat had remained at eye zero simply because he couldn’t use any magic it was only after gaining firebolt and training directly with Ais.

Bell’s update showed the most significant improvement

Bell’s update showed the most significant improvement that we’ve seen so far in just a single month bell had raised all his stats except for magic from the rank of i to s his agility even went beyond the max rank of s to double s a phenomenon that could only be explained through his unique skill i mean up until now no one even considered it a possibility to go above the s rank so Hestia could only assume that bell’s accelerated rate of growth was what allowed him to completely bypass that supposed limit of s 999 it’s a concept that if made known to the public would shake the very foundations of Orario. which is why Hestia chooses to keep it a secret even from bell himself what this means though is that bell’s overloaded double s and triple s stats could sometimes reach a total sum that is greater than that of adventurous who are a higher level than him giving him powers similar to that of a level above this was definitely the leading factor in what allowed him to be to the minotaur because bell’s stats were all s or above this made him capable of basing off against an enemy that no level one should have any right beating that’s why everyone was so shocked to see belle pull it off he surpassed the limitations that came with being a level one.

slaying a grand total of 3001 monsters along the way

It was after this feat that all his stats became double s or triple s and because beating the minotaur served as his spectacular accomplishment bell also became the fastest adventurer on record to reach level 2 slaying a grand total of 3001 monsters along the way it was on his next update that all his stats reset back to i-0 but his total overall power for level 1 still remained at 5546 that’s the hidden baseline that gets added to all his level 2 stats now the only thing that’s different is that his level 2 stats are now tracked separately alongside this level up bell also gained the second skill.

Argonaut- That manifested out of his desire to become a Hero

Argonaut- This was a skill that manifested out of his desire to become a hero but in order to use it to its full potential he first needs to spend three minutes to charge it only then can he release this skill as the massive burst of energy it’s intended to be so basically the longer he charges it the more damage it does and it can be used to strengthen any one of his abilities skills or attacks bell’s next update came when he was trying to prove to Eina that he was capable of traversing the middle floors of the dungeon you see Eina didn’t believe that belle was ready to go there yet i mean it had only been 11 days since he had fought the minotaur at most his stats could only be marginally higher than rank i-0 at least that’s what Eina was thinking but when bell showed her his stats almost every single one of them had gone up 2-3 ranks it was progression far faster than any adventurer Eina had ever seen before he had also developed the new ability known as luck.

Improves his overall performance in the dungeon

Luck-  An attribute similar to divine protection that improves his overall performance in the dungeon basically making it so that monsters drop items more frequently in any case this was the last update prior to bell’s death march down to the 18th floor it was only after Hestia arrived with everyone else that we see his perilous descent improved all stats by about 100. keep in mind that this was only three days after seeing Eina and two days after that was when he faced the goliath a feat that practically doubled his total power yet again increasing all his stats by almost 300 each.

Bell’s progress slows down a bit

 Now it’s after season one that the rate with which we get updates of bell’s progress slows down a bit but the next one does give us a good example of how exactly Excelia works and it comes from the update that happened after his fight with Hyakinthos for reference this was only two days after he had fought the goliath so all his stats were stole the same number from when he beat it that said one punch from Hyakinthos gave bell enough Excelia to boost his defense four points higher so that’s what i mean when i say that everything and anything can be done to gain Excelia no matter how small the action so long as it relates to one of the five basic abilities it’ll work towards improving it such is the nature of Excelia now as we know bell spent quite a bit of time training with eyes in order to get ready for the war game had he not then his current level 2 stats wouldn’t have been enough to beat a level 3.

But since training with Ais once again boosted

But since training with Ais once again boosted all his stats to the double s and triple s ranks that left him more than capable of beating high synthesis on his own it pretty much meant that the sum of all his stats were now higher than the sum of high synthesis which honestly is to be expected if you assume Hyakinthos leveled when most of his stats were out to the d2b rank that would make his average total sum per level be around three thousand if you multiply that by two then add to the sum of his current level three stats you’ll still get a number that’s lower than bell’s current total of almost eleven thousand so that’s where those hidden parameters from the previous levels come into play of course this is a very simplistic way of looking at it there are other factors that need to be considered as well the base stats are just the most important ones anyway beating Hyakinthos served as the spectacular feat bell needed to reach level 3. thus we’re setting all his stats back to i0 one more time but as it was with level 1 his level 2 baseline remains at a solid 5 396. combine that with his level 1 of 5500 5546 and you’ll get that total power sum of almost eleven thousand.

capable of manifesting his own skills into existence

Now it was nine days after leveling up that the whole Ishtar Familia incident happened by then most of his stats had only gone up around one to two ranks but it was the event of having another goddess see his fauna that gave us more information on bell’s overall power initially Ishtar was mostly surprised by the presence of his luck ability i mean this was one of the more rare ones to come across but that wouldn’t explain why he was immune to her charm as far as she knew every existence in the world regardless of whether they’re human monster or god shouldn’t have the power to escape the charm of a goddess of beauty that’s when Ishtar saw his other skill an undocumented attribute that affected his rate of growth if the description for this skill was to be believed then that would mean bell possessed a will so strong that it made him capable of manifesting his own skills into existence it was a sense of determination strong enough to forcibly accelerate his growth simply out of sheer desire a pure one-track mind that only came around once a millennium one of the side effects that came with it just so happened to be an immunity to the charm of a goddess rendering both Ishtar and Freya’s abilities useless against him that’s just how pure Bell’s will was.


Bell didn’t really do much training or monster hunting during the Invasion Arc

Any case Bell didn’t really do much training or monster hunting during the Invasion Arc his stats only got updated once during the entire two weeks that it was happening and that was part of a group update session with everyone else in the Familia although his improvement was fairly negligible the important thing to note here was what Hestia did you see everyone wanted to know why bell’s rate of growth was much faster than their own i mean they were all fighting the same monsters together so it didn’t make sense that bell was improving anywhere between 50 to 100 points when everyone else was only going up by 10. that’s when Hestia decided it was best to finally tell everyone else about his special skill so going into season 3 everyone except for bell now knows why he’s able to level up so quickly as for where bell’s at now well as of meeting the Zenos in the dungeon his stats are this pretty much midway through level 3 in almost everything.

Immunity although it doesn’t quite make him immune to everything 

Immunity- He also developed the new ability called Immunity although it doesn’t quite make him immune to everything it does act as a strong resistance against things like poisons but anyway that was exactly how belle has progressed throughout the entire story in the four months since he’d been saved by ice he’s gone up over two and a half levels which is the fastest rate of growth for any adventurer in Orario what makes him even stronger is the fact that his Hestia knife scales in power just like he does the more he grows the stronger this knife will become that’s the key trait of this living weapon so it almost seems like everything is working in bell’s favor to make him become the ultimate adventurer i mean everything from his skills to his gear help pave the path he needs to follow in order to become the hero he wants to be but remember that growth only exists so long as his desire to reach eyes does as well if that feeling was to ever dwindle then so too would bell’s rate of growth it makes you wonder what would happen if bell and eyes were to ever end up on opposing sides though if bell was to continue overloading his stats to double us and triple s then a level five bell could very well be capable of taking on a level six eyes this is because eyes didn’t max out her stats like belt did her strength and endurance are actually subpar in comparison to her agility and dexterity so it’s not too absurd to think that bell could actually catch up to eyes he just needs to continue growing at the rate that he currently is right now if he does then bell will always become the strongest adventurer for the level he’s at i mean even otter isn’t capable of going beyond s 999 so just by the numbers alone bell has the potential to become the strongest adventurer in all of Orario and that’s the answer to the question of how strong he is of course that’s assuming conditions remain the same but if you’re watching season 3 i’m sure you’ve noticed that things look like they’re about to change so we’ll see soon enough if this becomes something that ends up affecting Bell.

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